You’re never too old to enjoy a festival!

Camp Bestival 2014

I came across this “Why festivals are not for me” post this week with a fun infographic from Pryers Solicitors, where the writer claimed that now they were a grown up festivals were not for them.

I was talking to Lyn from Gigsak yesterday at our local networking meeting and she was telling me that more and more middle-aged folk like us are going to festivals these days and they are not just for the young.

My experience of festivals have always been good, although we currently on do family orientated festivals like Camp Bestival in Dorset where there is a good mix of things to do for all the family to enjoy.  Although they are busy, there are no issues with overcrowding and people give you space to sit with the family whilst watching even the most popular music acts.

I don’t think I have ever seen any crowd surfing attempted, although there are a sea of children sat on shoulders especially when Mr Tumble is on stage and if it all gets too much there are some fabulous chill out zones away from all the hustle and bustle.

The toilet facilities have been brilliant both years we have been, and I don’t think I have seen any bottles full of urine thrown around, or any over-inebriated people vomiting over other people tents.

Camp Bestival Mr Tumble

Hubby tells me tales of his exploits at V festival many years ago which involved beer for breakfast and frequent loo stops thanks to too much merry water and although I would like to go one year, we are definitely too old for those sorts of exploits these days.

My top 10 tips for enjoying festivals are:

  1. Know what is going on and when so you get to see your favourite acts
  2. Relax, go with the flow and have fun
  3. Be prepared – I always take a first aid kit with added paracetamol, insect repellant and sun cream
  4. If you have kids a trolley is a must – pimping it with solar fair lights and bunting is optional!
  5. It’s loud so equip the kids with ear defenders
  6. Don’t bother taking food, the food on sale is plentiful, delicious and not too pricey
  7. Take your own toilet paper – the loos run out fast
  8. Take a portable battery charger that holds charge for several recharges
  9. Sensible shoes / wellies are a must as you are in a field
  10. Some activities need to be booked, so do it early as spaces go fast

My only other tip is to not pitch your tent on a slope…….much hilarity as you find yourself sliding down it when trying to go to sleep!

Camp Bestival

In my opinion you are never too young or too old to attend a festival!

What do you think?

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