Xeno – the must have toy for Christmas!


We were very lucky to be invited to the Xeno launch at London Zoo last month.

Xeno is a loveable baby monster who really interacts and play with you!  He is made from a soft rubber material and he definitely has a look you either love or hate.  It is safe to say that Eliza and Isaac adore him, although they cannot decide on their favourite colour.  He comes in Ultra Violet, Pacific Blue and Burn’t Orange.

Xeno has 10+ emotions: happy, sad, playful, hungry, unwell and more, plus with over 50 eye expressions and 80 tailor-made sounds you can truly understand him.

Xeno is also really ticklish, dances to music and occasionally lets out a little burp or parp!

He will ask “wanna play” and play 5 games with you and if you download the Free App you can play additional games and explore the Xeno world.  I especially love the give him a bath game as when you go to dry his hair, his ears pull back as if they are being blown.



The Xeno Baby Monsters also interact with each other which is very cute to watch.

To play with Xeno you need to press down on his hands for a few seconds until he asks if you “Wanna Play”.  Press his right hand to say “Yes”.

Choose which game you want to play by pressing his right hand after he shows you the game in his eyes.  If you don;t want to play that game simply press his left hand he moves on to the next one.

The games are:

Beat-a-Burp – Xeno will burp in a certain rhythm and the aim of the game is to copy and repeat that rhythm by pressing his hands

Look-a-Where – Xeno will close his eyes and you have to guess which direction Xeno will look before he opens his eyes by pressing one of his sensors – Snot is up, Right hand is Right, Left hand is Left and Belly Button is Down

Burp Factor – Xeno performs a series of random looks combined with a burp – up, down, right, left.  The aim of the game is to complete the sequence correctly by pressing the right sensor.

Catcha-Catcha – Xeno opens his mouth wide and the aim of the game is to get your finger in his mouth before he closes it again

Quikk-a-Burp – Xeno is going to burp and the aim of the game is to press his hand at the exact time he burps!

Xeno is already in the top 5 most wanted toys this christmas, so snap him up before it’s too late!

Xeno has his own twitter account at @Xenoslife and even his own Facebook page for more news, updates and offers.

7 thoughts on “Xeno – the must have toy for Christmas!

  1. lori says:

    I met Xeno at the Argos Christmas event and I must admit while it’s not quite my thing, I can totally see how kids will love to find it in their stocking at Christmas. x
    lori recently posted…MAD BLOG AWARDS & LONDON FUNMy Profile

  2. It is very odd looking, but I have heard good reports about it x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…Fun on the HUGGIES® Pull Ups® BusMy Profile

  3. I’ve seen this toy before and it looks like a latest Must Have. We are getting one for sure.
    agatapokutycka recently posted…Beware of the Giant Mutant Spider!My Profile

  4. Rachel says:

    One of the weirdest toys ive ever seen and the price you see them for is staggering x
    Rachel recently posted…Aromatherapy Associates Amazing OilsMy Profile

  5. Michelle says:

    Have to say, that is one of the stranger looking toys I’ve ever seen!!
    Michelle recently posted…Hindsight & Choices #WWDISLMy Profile

  6. Polly says:

    haven’t come across him before! funny looking little fella 😉
    Polly recently posted…Cook it: Veggie Chilli and CornbreadMy Profile

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