WWE Live at the Genting Arena, Birmingham – November 2016

Isaac and Kian adore WWE, so when we were offered tickets to go to their latest show in Birmingham we couldn’t turn them down.

However, there was a problem. I didn’t check the day of the show and assumed it would be a weekend as it normally is. It turns out that it was a Wednesday and there was no way we could get there in time after school, so I requested the assistance of another lucky blogger to review it for us.

Turns out Hannah, from A New Addition, had a certain special young mans birthday that week and he is as WWE mad like Isaac, so the ticket went to a great home. Here is what they thought of the event:

If there’s one thing I love more than the seaside in this wonderful life it is having fun with my children. And THAT is exactly what we did the other weekend after kindly being given tickets from Kara (Thanks Kara). With the four tickets we decided it would be Ky’s early birthday present and so we took his WWE loving uncle along for the ride too as a thank you. It was an added bonus for Ky because his uncle is the one that buys the WWE for him to watch and Ky will go and stay with him so they can watch it.

Anyhow, after that short back story, WWE was held at the Genting Arena in Birmingham which is around a 40 minute drive for us. As soon as we began to walk to the arena the atmosphere was already buzzing with children and adults alike with title belts and T-shirts laughing and feeling the excitement for their favourite show.

wwe live

After a short mistake regarding the scanning the tickets and a quick trip to the ticket office where the staff were friendly, helpful and resolved the issue quickly and we were in.

We took to our seats and the atmosphere never dropped from being exciting, from the wrestlers causing the crowd to shout, to the crowd starting clapping chants.

It was a really great family entertainment show, it ended quite late though so we left our 5-year-old at home, especially as it was a school night too, we did come home with gifts for him though so he did eventually forgive us and loved his thumbs up!

The wrestlers ensured that everyone remained entertained throughout and Ky loved every minute of it there were even a few moments where the audience had wrestlers in their laps. And even better for me, I watched the boys dad Andy relive his childhood as he pretended her was there for our boy but I watched as he got more and more excited when the wrestlers did their signature moves.

Genting Arena

Ky says it was really fun, he enjoyed the fights as they were good because some of his best wrestlers were there like AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler. He said he enjoyed that the wrestlers were fighting well so the fights didn’t end too quickly and he loved doing the ‘yes, yes, yes, and other chants.

To see the results of the matches click here.

We really loved our outing with our eldest boy and you can watch the video here:

Thank you Hannah for a lovely review, we are glad you all enjoyed it and that Ky had a wonderful birthday treat.

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  1. What a fab birthday surprise, we’ve never been huge fans of WWE but we’ve watched some on tv and it’s been really entertaining, I bet the atmosphere is fantastic live.


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