#Win Word Bandit from Drumond Park

Word Bandit

True to form, those inimitable creative minds at Drumond Park have come up with
yet another brain-teasing, family-friendly classic in the making! The wheel-whirling WORD BANDIT team game (rrp £24.99, age 8+) was created entirely in-house, and
is a board game with a difference. At its centre is a wheel-spinning letter machine, just like a small ‘one-arm bandit’. There are four easy word games to be played in two teams of any number, so it’s a great way to get the whole family involved and having fun!

Getting ready to play is simple. Each team (you can play as two individuals, but it’s
more fun in teams) picks a playing piece and puts it on the red START space. As
you move around the board, the space you land on dictates which of the four
games your team will play. One of the team pulls the bandit’s handle to spin the
wheels each turn, and the opposition counts the score.

Word Bandit Drumond Park

Four super-simple word games to play

Winding Words – (purple space) using four Rows. Open the sliding cover on the
machine to reveal four rows of letters, then pull the handle to spin the word wheels,
which come up with a set of random letters. The aim is to race the timer and find as
many words as possible that wind around the grid of letters.

The letters of these words must follow-on either sidewise, up, down or diagonally –
with words spelled in any direction, top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right or
right to left.

Famous People – (green space). Three rows of letters will be revealed… spin the word wheels to start the game. The aim here is to find the INITIALS of as many famous people as possible during one turn of the timer, and here – the letters do not need to be touching in the grid. Anything goes – from Beyonce to Snow White!

Things that begin with – (yellow space) using two Rows. Spin the word wheels as before. Your playing piece is on a yellow space with a category printed on it (e.g. Boys’ Names). You must come up with as many words as possible in that category beginning with one of the letters on show. You can use any letter as many times as you like, as long as the words are different.

Words Containing – (red space) using one row. Reveal just one row of letters,
then spin the word wheels. Here, you have to call out as many words as you can
that contain any two of the letters you have spun. The letters contained in
your words can be in any order, and repeating the letters in your words is OK.
Master wordsmiths may choose to think up words with all three letters in them!

Watch out for the Word Bandit!


He’s a bit of a joker! Every now and then, at the pull of the handle his face will
appear instead of a letter. Then your team has one less letter to play with for that
turn! The cheeky chap will have stolen quite a few possible words from you, but
you have to carry on regardless! It’s unlikely, but if the Word Bandit appears on all
three wheels (there is one face per wheel), the playing team gets a free spin.

Word Bandit Logo

Word Bandit is a fascinating and fun game, full of twirling energy – and with plenty of variety that’s sure to keep everyone involved in some hugely entertaining game play, whatever their skill level. But remember – while the team members rack their brains to come up with the answers, it’s crucial that the opposing team stays focused and remembers to keep the score!

This game will bring hours of multi-generational fun and is set to become a sure fire winner this Christmas.

Thanks to Drumond Park, I have a Word Bandit game to giveaway to one lucky reader

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2 thoughts on “#Win Word Bandit from Drumond Park

  1. Caitlin says:

    Awesome game my nephew would lobe this

  2. Michelle Corbett says:

    Awesome looking family game my three girls would love x

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