Win the perfect weaning set from Doidy

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Have you started on the weaning adventure with your baby?

It is a new and exciting phase for both you and your baby and I have partnered with Doidy to bring you a fab giveaway.

Doidy is recommended by professionals, trusted by parents and has led ‘Weaning by Design’ for over 70 years as the makers of the famous open slanted Doidy Cup and the new Doidy Bowl with its super-suction base and high-lip to aid baby-led weaning. 

Starting to wean your baby can be a confusing time and we know that fussy eating can be a phase that many infants go through.  It is important to give your baby a good experience as they try new tastes and textures.  Doidy Weaning is on hand to support baby-led weaning as you introduce new tastes and flavours carefully in the early stages to provide your little one with a nutritious and pleasurable start.

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In line with NHS guidelines, Doidy recommends using an open cup from around 6 months of age for drinks. With its uniquely slanted design the Doidy Cup helps your baby learn to drink naturally and aids the transition from bottle to cup.  The use of a bottle should be discontinued as soon as possible and by 1 year old.  The Doidy Bowl is designed to help develop motor skills, with a slanted high lip on one side to allow infants to scoop food up and load more easily onto a spoon, making it perfect for finger foods, purees or soups.  And the super-suction base keeps it firmly in place on the highchair or table to minimise messy spills! The Doidy range helps your child to learn to feed and drink independently, learn more about Doidy Weaning here

So, the big question is what to put in your Doidy Cup and Bowl?!  My First Flavours is here to the rescue with a comprehensive set of personalised weaning charts. The My First Flavours charts capture your baby’s very first flavours and include 35 stickers of fruits and vegetables to plan and track the start of your baby’s weaning journey.

The charts can also be personalised with your baby’s name and photo, making a lovely keepsake. There is also an allergen tracker, so that you can keep a log of any key allergen foods that you decide to try with your baby and capture whether any symptoms were present.


I have a fantastic set of weaning accessories to give away to one lucky winner including:

  • A Doidy Cup (choose red, blue or pink)
  • A Doidy Bowl (choose from red, blue or pastel pink)
  • 3 My First Flavours weaning charts (including a My First Flavours chart, My First Flavour Combinations chart, 2 sheets of stickers and 1 Allergen Tracker).

3 runners up will each be sent a Doidy Cup.

To Enter:

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  • Closing Date: 3rd November 2019
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54 thoughts on “Win the perfect weaning set from Doidy

  1. Emma Maginess says:

    Ive literally just started my wee girl on banana porridge thought a bit of flavour is a nice way to start off.

  2. Claire Ginn says:

    Baby rice and bananas

  3. Allan Fullarton says:

    Starting with banana

  4. Laurita says:

    Banana- it’s my son’s absolute favourite and so easy to mush up.

  5. Katrina Adams says:

    Another one for pureed apple here. Seems to be a popular choice!

  6. Megan Kinsey says:

    Thinking of starting with banana or pureed apple

  7. Mrs Rachael Sexey says:

    Baby rice and banana

  8. Julie Ward says:

    Its my grandaughter (not born yet) so no idea on this

  9. Sarah Holder says:

    pureed fruit and veg, starting with banana

  10. Ursula Hunt says:

    I first introduced porridge and mashed banana

  11. Nikki Easton says:

    Baby rice, milky rusks, weetabix and then on to vegetables. Sweet potato I think.

  12. katrina walsh says:

    Pureed apple was the first food but right now its all about mashed potato

  13. Charlotte G says:

    I gave my daughter baby rice, and then as time has gone on I’ve introduced different fruits & different textured foods

  14. Amanda Baggott says:

    pureed fruit and veg, most likely starting with banana

  15. Danielle Spencer says:

    Pureed apple

  16. Laura Norcop says:

    My youngest loved cucumber sticks a pieces of tomatoe, we are due again on christmas day so weaning next year will probably start similar as it was so successful and stress free with my first. I carried on breast feeding until she was about 15 months so weaning was really laid back for us, never had to worry about her getting enough and she took to it really quickly
    ..fingers crossed the next is the same!!!

  17. Ruth Harwood says:

    crushed apples – tasty! mixed with baby rice xx

  18. Clara says:

    I’m going to start with banana

  19. Natalie Burgess says:

    Baby porridge xx

  20. Victoria Francis says:

    Baby rice

  21. Toni says:

    I think I will begin with baby rice and banana

  22. Dale Dow says:

    Rice pudding went down well with my 3 and is what I plan when having my Great Niece x

  23. L Forsyth says:

    My little ones first food was broccoli puree

  24. Holly King says:

    Root vegetables one new obe every day so he doesnt get used to sweet things straight away

  25. Rich Tyler says:

    baby rice, banana

  26. We tried pureed carrots and bananas at first.
    Jessica Powell recently posted…Cut and PasteMy Profile

  27. Laura Pritchard says:

    With my son it was banana & pear, my daughter it was mango & buttery toast

  28. debbie gilbert says:

    Mashed banana and baby rice

  29. Chloe Billington says:

    Broccoli and the bitter vegetables.

  30. Karen Barrett says:

    Baby rice and mashed banana

  31. Susan B says:

    Mashed banana and steamed pureed carrots were the first foods introduced.

  32. Christine Lockley says:

    Baby rice and porridge

  33. Fozia Akhtar says:

    lots of varied fruit and veg purees

  34. Leanne weir says:

    Fruit and veg purees

  35. Sophie Perry says:

    I would love to win this prize, looking forward to weaning in December with some veggies from our roast

  36. DawnLouise Millmoor says:

    I start straight off with whatever we are eating that day. Worked well for us.

  37. Stuart Hargreaves says:


  38. Artur says:

    Fruit and veg purees

  39. Emma G says:

    Baby rice and porridge first

  40. Joanne McDonald says:

    Plan to introduce porridge first, going to make it with his formula milk so it’s not such a weird taste for him

  41. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Pureed veg will be first

  42. Iain maciver says:

    rusks will be first to try

  43. Sally says:

    Rusks x

  44. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity

  45. Geri Gregg says:

    Pureed fruit and veg, but not too much fruit as baby may develop a sweet tooth!

  46. A.E. Adkins says:

    Currently have ice cubes of avocado, banana, sweet potato, aubergine & pear, serving individual flavours & sometimes mix. Moving on to butternut squash, apples & swede next.

  47. laura stewart says:

    rusk busicuit my daughter loves them xx

  48. Catherine S says:

    I plan to start with pureed carrots add they are nice and sweet, and then move onto other vegetables

  49. Susie Wilkinson says:

    Pureed vegetables such as carrot, swede, parsnips, etc

  50. Julia Kerr says:

    Fruits and vegetables, sweet potato and banana probably

  51. Solange says:

    I first introduced oatmeal, sweet potato, banana, avocado and butternut squash.

  52. Kim Neville says:

    I first introduced baby rice, then porridge and rusks

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