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I hope you enjoyed our Vosene Kids Twitter Party today giving top tips for preparing the kids go back to school.

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110 thoughts on “#Win a selection of Vosene Kids Products

  1. Laura Elizabeth Davies says:

    Plenty of praise and encouragement

  2. Robyn Clarke says:

    Consistency, keep the same routine when you say bye. I always wait for my son to wave through window before I leave. As he’s going in, if he seems uneasy I say “quick, run to the window and wave” and he seems to snap out of it.
    Robyn Clarke recently posted…#MamiaDaysOut challenge with AldiMy Profile

  3. Diana says:

    Plenty of praise ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Everything prepared for them the night before and also have a sticker chart on good behavior and get ready for school ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Tammy Neal says:

    lots of praise helps xx

  6. Mel Turner says:

    Dont make a big fuss they are fine soon as we leave them

  7. Sarah Robinson says:

    Have clothes and things ready in the mornings, so its calm and not too stressful for your child. Early nights and time to chill after school and at weekends.

  8. Lisa Cotton says:

    A good breakfast, a few early nights and lots of hugs and encouragements

  9. Kat Allinson says:

    Take them a snack for when you meet them to keep their blood sugar up, keep things calm and simple at home and have an early night

  10. Karen Howden says:

    plenty of positive comments and lots of hugs

  11. Eve Ogden says:

    Talk to them about school then relaxing bathtimes and early to bed

  12. Susan B says:

    Talk about it for weeks before, take them yourself and collect them yourself for at least the first week. Listen, really listen, when they tell you about it at the end of each day.

  13. Joanna Kasznicki says:

    Early baths and bed time

  14. Jill Fairbanks says:

    It’s about organisation and making it fun despite the pressure and hard work the youngsters have these days even at 6

  15. Sarah Mills says:

    make it all seem exciting and a new adventure!

  16. Dale Dow says:

    talk about the day after school and what your childs hopes are for the next day

  17. rebecca courtney says:

    reassurance and early nights

  18. sharon martin says:

    patience and plenty of reassurance

  19. You wouldn’t like to be alone at school so if you see anyone stood or playing alone go talk to them as you would like that too
    Katrina downie recently posted…One year old and Weaning reviewMy Profile

  20. Lucy Chester says:

    Make time after school to talk and find out about their day, keep to a routine with early nights so not too tired and enjoy the experience together

  21. Lucy Robinson says:

    Lots of cuddles, reassurance and routine.

  22. Jean Vaughan says:

    Start preparation before school starts, encouraging them to shop with you for uniform etc and read a book with them about starting school with lots of chat about what they are excited about or what their worries are. Once started make time to talk about the day with lots of praise for even the smallest achievement.

  23. Michelle Davey says:

    I have started drawing an interactive timetable for the week for our son so he can see what is happening on each day as he struggles with routine! Xx

  24. Lorraine Langham says:

    Organise everything the night before and keep calm in the morning!

  25. claire fawkner says:

    Get everything organised the night before and plenty of early nights

  26. Adrian Bold says:

    Lots of encouragement and keeping calm your self.

  27. paula cheadle says:

    ask them about their day, if there’s tears wipe them away, give them a big hug whether it was a good or bad day. Support them in what ever they need, if it was a bad day tell them it will get bette when they start making friends

  28. Rachel Craig says:

    Prepare them for the experience, talk to them, read books, visit school etc. Encourage child to share news about their day :- in private with parent /s initially. Also they can chat to sibling /s etc if they choose. Routine :- after school change into casual clothes and prepare school uniform, school bag etc for next school day. Remember child will need assistance, give it willingly whilst praising child for participating in good routine.

    Help with any homework. Provide nutritious snack. Have some outdoor playtime together possibly following evening meal. Wind down with snack and regular bedtime routine.

  29. Leanne Bell says:

    Ask them about their day, listen to them and maybe a little reward at the end of the week.

  30. Rich Tyler says:

    Lots of love, hugs & kisses soon as they get home!

  31. Danielle Cresswell says:

    Lots of encouragement and a good bedtime routine x

  32. Kristy L Brown says:

    Special downtime to discuss the day after school with a wee snack

  33. Laura Harrison says:

    Encourage them, give them advice and lots of praise xxx

  34. Marie Rule says:

    Just give lots of praise.

  35. Angela Kelly says:

    Get in the school morning routine the week before school starts and make it sound exciting.

  36. Jayne Kelsall says:

    I like to try and have things planned for after school so they have something to look forward to , just simple things that they enjoy, the park, feeding the ducks, swimming etc .

  37. Sam Parkes says:

    Routine, early nights and preparing every thing night before.

  38. Lindsey Stuart says:

    We have a great routine here, early night and up in good time for School, having a nice breakfast together and always showing interest in the school myself.
    I reward my little school goers with pens or stickers after I hear what they have been up to at school.

  39. Paul Halling says:

    Encouraging and praise

  40. Debbie Burfoot says:

    My child has autism and a picture of the school, his uniform and a pic of his teachers on the door helped.we talked about it daily about what would happen which reduced his anxiety

  41. Hannah Ingham says:

    Having a really good routine, with plenty of time to rest and snack!

  42. Joanna Coleshill says:

    Always have a snack when you pick them up

  43. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    Keeping to a routine & Making time to chat about their day at school

  44. Samantha walker says:

    Early nights and lots of encouragement

  45. Hannah Igoe says:

    Give them as much information as you can so they know what is happening each day, help them get plenty of sleep

  46. Emma Livesey says:

    Support and an early bedtime

  47. iain maciver says:

    early to bed and make it fun talk to them

  48. claire griffiths says:

    lots of praise and encouragement

  49. Sarah Lee says:

    Early to bed and try not to ask too many questions about their day as they will be tired.

  50. Emma Rawlinson says:

    Early nights and a good filling breakfast before school

  51. Susie Wilkinson says:

    Lots of encouragement and an open ear at all times

  52. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    My little girl starts next year so I’ve been reading the tips above. Thanks everyone.

  53. gaby l says:

    make them a pack lunch they’ll enjoy!

  54. lots of patience, encouragement, help and advice when needed

  55. Keri Jones says:

    Don’t have too much planned after school & at the weekend- you need to let your child rest as it would have been a really tiring time for them. Have their favourite snack ready when you pick them up. Also listen to them about how their day was- this way you can find out if there is anything they are worried/concerned about x

  56. Jemma Dwyer says:

    my little man hasn’t started school yet, but it’s great ready all this tips ๐Ÿ˜€

  57. lots of encouragement andpraise and also making sure they have all their equipment and that yiou let them know that you are always there to help with homework.

  58. Ruth Harwood says:

    give them support when they need it xx

  59. Ray Dodds says:

    Plenty of encouragement and a calm demeanour

  60. CLAIRE woods says:

    Patience with their moods, listen to their worries, try to reassure them.

  61. Laura Pritchard says:

    Don’t overwhelm then with questions – they get ratty! They’ll gradually open up & tell you everything in their own time.

  62. Libby Noack says:

    Have everything ready so that there is no rush on the first morning – keeping them calm ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Leila Benhamida says:

    My daughter has not started school yet but my son who is 14 now is also motivated to see his friends.

  64. Jennifer Haden says:

    GIve them tons of encouragement and ask lots of questions about how they day was x ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Angela Treadway says:

    Good sleep and encourage them to be kind, they will make plenty of friends for sure x

  66. Jasmine Johns says:

    Encourage them to talk about their day and really listen to them, early nights and be patient with them. xx

  67. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    My tip is to give them a good breakfast everyday but also provide them with a healthy lunch too.

  68. Mary Duncan says:

    In the weeks leading up to school have lots of discussions about what school will be like. Let them be involved with buying school clothes and equipment to build anticipation.

  69. We haven’t reached schooldays yet! With the play sessions we do have, we’re just praising her as much as we can and talking about how fun / exciting it is. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…Out and About: CirculateMy Profile

  70. Beky Austerberry says:

    Start the school bedtime routine at least 1 week before they go back – be organised and talk to them about it to mentally prepare them

  71. Carly Belsey says:

    Give them lots of praise and encourage them to talk about their day and really listen to them

  72. leanne weir says:

    early nights and plenty of praise

  73. Karen Barrett says:

    My Grand-Daughter has just started Reception class in September. Her parents took her on twotaster days to the school plus attended the Summer Fair. School gave her a “starter pack” where she could write about her family and interests to share at the start of the school term. Her Mummy and Daddy also gradually began to tell her about her new school day, the activities she would be doing, school meals and new friends. By the time she started school she was so excited and settled in really well.

  74. Tracy Newton says:

    I stick to a strict bedtime routine to prevent tiredness. I also give them plenty of time to relax and switch off from the school day and after school activity clubs

  75. jules eley says:

    make sure you decide on a routine your both happy with so they know what they are doing and are less stressed.

  76. Jodie harvey says:

    A well established routine, especially bedtime! Plenty of sleep and a decent breakfast. we always do homework together and talk about their day and any future trips/events happening

  77. On the first day hanging around can make it worse. If you know other parents or get to know others in the area that are starting have a few playdates so they know someone there. Also pack clean spare pants an accident is imminent till they get to know the place.
    Sharon stanley (@Shandy2008) recently posted…The Order 1886 for PS4 winMy Profile

  78. Vikki Sanderson says:

    Make sure they are eating properly and establish a good bedtime routine to combat the tiredness!

  79. dawn f says:

    make sure they are there on time and that they are prepared for their days and keep positive

  80. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Taking a keen interest in there day and giving lots of positive encouragement.

  81. Ellie Wood says:

    Helping them prepare by telling them what’s schools like, and getting plenty of rest and play at home.

  82. Lydia Graham says:

    When they were in school it was to make sure they got a decent nights sleep
    Lydia Graham recently posted…St. John Ambulance Award’s Night.My Profile

  83. Invite their new friends to a playdate

  84. Solange says:

    Lots of support and praise.

  85. Jo Carroll says:

    I take a similar tract to Vosene in that I go in very soft and gentle with questioning them how they got on as children tend to clam up in the first week or so…then I try to whip up as much ‘lather’ or should I say laughter as possible – it’s the best cue for nerves! x

  86. clair downham says:

    always be thwre to listen to any worries they have

  87. Tammy Tudor says:

    being extra positive, caring, supportive and kind and establishing a good routine

  88. winnie says:

    keep calm and give them loads of support and cuddles

  89. Kathy B says:

    I don’t have any of my babes in school yet but I have enjoyed reading the other comments for when I do!

  90. Natalie Crossan says:

    Lots of praise and early nights x

  91. aimee morris says:

    getting plenty of sleep the night before and a good energizing breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Rachael G says:

    Down time when they get home, lazy weekends and lots of talking.

  93. Victoria N says:

    A strong routine and talking about the day when the child comes home

  94. katie w says:

    lots of support and favourite dinners when they get home

  95. Ann Marie Gould says:

    Lots of support and positive conversation, be organised to reduce any unneeded stress

  96. Claire Butler says:

    talk to them before they start and during first week and address any anxieties they may have

  97. kim plant says:

    early baths and bed x

  98. Karl Borowy says:

    praise and help

  99. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Patience and positive reinforcement and lots of hugs and cuddles

  100. laura banks says:

    talking about the day and what they have been up to

  101. Annabel Greaves says:

    Lots of praise for being good going to school and in school x

  102. Christine Lockley says:

    My top tips would be to keep to a routine bed time – chat over tea about their day, don’t do anything too lively just before bedtime either, have a wind down routine so everyone is relaxed

  103. emma walters says:

    lots of rest, a good bedtime routine and lots of positivity towards school activities

  104. abigail edkins says:

    talking about the things they enjoyed

  105. Ailsa Sheldon says:

    A new pencil case with secret compartments!

  106. Spencer Broadley says:

    Not to worry, get good sleep and make some nice friends

  107. Victoria Thurgood says:

    early nights and lots of hugs

  108. melanie stirling says:

    Make sure they go to bed early and get plenty of sleep,tiredness makes everything seem worse than they are.

  109. msedollyp says:

    Keep calm and give them time to settle in and rest after school/weekends

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