#Win a Feisty Pet in time for Halloween

Feisty Pets

Back at BlogOn in May, I was introduced to a cuddly toy with a difference – Feisty Pets.

Perfect for Halloween fun, they are cute………… but they’re feisty!

Gently squeeze your Feisty Pet behind the ears and see it instantly switch from cute to Feisty.

Feisty Pets Multiple

With six pets to collect; Sammy Suckerpunch Dog, Sir Growls-a-lot Bear, Princess Pottymouth Cat, Blackbelt Bobby Panda, Karl the Snarl Polar Bear and Glenda Glitterpoop there is a cute cuddly toy, stuffed with attitude for everyone.

feisty pets

Feisty Pets will entertain audiences both young and old and are perfect for cuddling or pulling hilarious pranks on unsuspecting friends and family. You won’t like them when they’re angry…

Feisty Pets are available from Smyths Toys and have an RRP of £16.99.

Thanks to Recreation Toys, I have a Feisty Pet* to giveaway to five lucky readers, just in time for Halloween.

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370 thoughts on “#Win a Feisty Pet in time for Halloween

  1. Diane Duggan says:

    I would like to win Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  2. Louise Ryves says:

    I love the panda

  3. Marina Parry Owen says:

    My daughter would love Glenda Gliterpop as she’s Unicorn mad. These are so cute even when they’re angry.

  4. Blackbelt Bobby Panda as my son is called Robert

  5. Tamsin Dean says:

    it would be Glenda Glitterpoop for my neice

  6. Zoey Deacon says:

    I’d love to win Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  7. ellie spider says:

    Glenda the Unicorn although I think they all look hilarious haha

  8. jamie Millard says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog! That would be ace.

  9. Clare Martin says:

    I would like to win Karl the Snarl

  10. jo maxted says:

    Glenda glitterpoop for my daughter

  11. natalee gosiewski says:

    Blackbelt Bobby

  12. Monika Bascombe says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat please

  13. Caroline Signey says:

    Black belt Bobby Panda


    Glenda Glitterpoop for my granddaughter

  15. Tracy Read says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop looks fab and I love the name!

  16. The unicorn! so sweet and then so scary!

  17. Any will do!! Would love to win and have hours of fun scaring the crap outta the kids!

  18. Laura Khomutova says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  19. Heli Lukkarinen says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda looks the cutest/scariest!

  20. Charlotte Boyle says:

    The unicorn!

  21. Michaela B says:

    i’d love Glenda Glitterpoop

  22. Dean Trenberth says:

    Karlt he Snarl the polar bear, very wintery!

  23. Tracy Hanley says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  24. sarah pearce says:

    I’d love to win Karl the Snarl Polar Bear,he reminds me of my daughter,who thinks she is a teenager!!!!

  25. Katie Fuller says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  26. Chloe W says:

    Glenda glitterpoop

  27. Sarah Austin says:

    Glenda Glitterpop!

  28. DENISE WILDEN says:

    Glenda the Unicorn

  29. Jo Hutchinson says:

    the Glenda Glitterpoop Unicorn

  30. Samantha M says:

    For me it has to be Glenda Glitterpoop

  31. Sherrill todd says:

    Forgot to comment which one-would love the polar bear please

  32. Sherrill todd says:

    Haha would absolutely love one of these,saw the video on YouTube,brilliant x

  33. Jessica steele says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop haha, these are kinda scary!

  34. Jayne Kelsall says:

    I would love to win the Panda for my daughter .x

  35. Teresa sheldon says:

    I’d love Princess Pottymouth Cat

  36. Hannah Bee Griffin says:


  37. Lydia Graham says:

    Such a hard choice, I would love any of them but if I had to pick I suppose Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  38. Sandra Jo Siddall says:

    I would love the Glenda Gliterpop Unicorn – Its awesome!

  39. Rachael O'Brien says:

    Ahhhh they are all fab !! I’d love to win the sammy sucker punch dog for my little boy ! Thankyou for this chance !

  40. Antonia Richardson says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  41. Deborah Clarke says:

    Sir Growls-A-Lot Bear
    These are awesome my son won love it
    Fingers crossed

  42. Emma Livesey says:

    Princess POttymouth

  43. Matt Brasier says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  44. Paula T says:

    They are all so cool. My girl would be happy with any of them. I secretly like the cat the most x

  45. Stacy Fenemore says:

    the panda please

  46. Tricia cowell says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  47. sarah kirby says:

    Sir Growls-a-lot Bear

  48. Marjoleine Kok says:

    Sir Growls-a-lot Bear please 🙂 These are awesome !

  49. Jeanette Leighton says:

    Glenda glitterpoop haha I think my daughter Sheriah would most like her

  50. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar Bear would be lovely please. 🙂 Thanks for the chance. They are all so cute (even when they are fiesty) so it was a hard decision.

  51. jackie curran says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  52. Claire Little says:

    Glenda glitterpoop

  53. Tammy Neal says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat xx

  54. Tammy Neal says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  55. Cathryn1 says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda!

  56. Stephanie Keill says:

    I think my son would absolutely love BLACK BELT BOBBY PANDA

  57. Emma Fox says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  58. Sarah Louise Rider says:

    I love these!! My 4yr old would think it’s hilarious.

  59. zoe somerfield says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  60. Kirsty Woods says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop

  61. Emma Hussain says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop

  62. Natalie Gillham says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda!

  63. jacqui rushton says:

    Princess Pottymouth

  64. Kevin Johnson says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  65. paula cheadle says:

    Sir Growls-a-lot Bear

  66. Jacqui Rankine says:

    The polar bear

  67. Amy Lambert says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop

  68. Sarah Wilson says:

    The Panda!

  69. Emma Ridgway says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  70. Nancy Bradford says:

    I’m sure my daughter would love Glenda Glitterpoop best (love the name)

  71. Kyomi Johnson says:

    Karl the Snarl polar bear please

  72. Sue Robinson says:

    I think my son would like Sammy Suckerpunch Dog the most .

  73. Karen Richards says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  74. Fiona Johnstone says:

    Love them all but Glenda Glitterpoop is my favourite

  75. Kim Tanner-Hill says:

    Has to be Glenda Glitterpoop! These are awesome!

  76. linda curtis says:

    HOW great are these
    would love the Princess Pottymouth Cat

  77. Leeanne Clifford says:

    Feisty Pets Glenda Gliterpop Unicorn
    Strangely enough, I stumbled across a video of these on Facebook the other fay and I was absolutely howling with laughter at these! I didn’t know they were a thing you could get!

  78. Emma Davison says:

    The panda

  79. Victoria B says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  80. Chantel L says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch!

  81. Karen Dixon says:

    The polar bear

  82. Andrea A says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  83. Kely Goodall says:

    I love them all, would have to choose the polar bear

  84. Katherine Morris says:

    The wolf one please.

  85. Katherine Morris says:

    The wolf one.

  86. dana says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  87. Leanne Perrett says:

    i love the little polar bear one 🙂

  88. Angela Kelly says:

    I would love Blackbelt Bobby Panda for my nephew.

  89. Mark Gardner says:

    Sammy sucker punch dog please

  90. Niki Marie Wardle says:

    These are so awesome! I would love a Glenda Glitter poop!

  91. sarah fielding says:

    Glenda Glitterpop

  92. Laura Lee says:

    It has to be Glenda Glitterpoop she is amazing 🙂

  93. kiya johnson says:

    Blackbelt bobby panda!

  94. Lisa Miller says:

    My niece would love the naughty cat

  95. jessica sawyer says:

    Glenda Glitterpop Unicorn looks frightening

  96. carol boffey says:

    princess pottymouth

  97. Simon penfold says:

    Sir growl a lot bear

  98. Gemma Chantler says:

    Karl the snarl polar bear

  99. Andrea Johnson says:

    The Unicorn

  100. Adrian Bold says:

    I’d love to win Glenda Glitterpoop

  101. JULIE WARD says:

    The princess pottymouth cat

  102. Patricia Avery says:

    I’d love to win Blackbelt Bobby Panda for my granddaughter! It reminds me of her:)

  103. Ahhh I love them all!! Probably Glenda Glitterpoop!

  104. Lisa Pond says:

    Glenda Glitterpop Unicorn looks frightening! My daughter would love her

  105. Roz Blight says:

    Glenda gliterpoop please

  106. Marie Rule says:

    I would most like to win Blackbelt Bobby Panda. He looks awesome.

  107. steph lovatt says:

    One daughter says Unicorn the other says dog

  108. Caroline Smith says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop!

  109. janine atkin says:

    id like Glenda Glitterpoop

  110. Trevor Linvell says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  111. Alison says:

    Princess Pottymouth

  112. Felicity Kelly says:

    I would love hem all but the unicorn is my favourite

  113. Deborah Bird says:

    Would love to win the panda!

  114. Catherine Furness says:

    Black belt Bobby Panda x

  115. Jessica Townley says:

    I love Blackbelt Bobby Panda 😀

  116. Kerry Lock says:

    Loving Glenda Glitterpoop

  117. Stevie says:

    I like Blackbelt Bobby Panda.

  118. donna l jones says:

    Karl the polar bear

  119. Ashley whitbread says:

    Sammy ^_^

  120. LEE HARDY says:

    The Polar Bear

  121. jen jackson says:

    The dog

  122. Michelle Pierce says:

    Love the panda

  123. nicky pearce says:

    The unicorn please its sooo cute

  124. cat says:

    Karl the polar bear

  125. Katie w says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat What a fantastic name

  126. kirsty szekeres says:

    Definately the unicorn!!

  127. sheri Darby says:

    Has to be the Polar Bear

  128. Francesca H says:

    Growls alot bear!!

  129. James Donovan says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  130. Aaron Milne says:

    Snarl Polar Bear

  131. alice lightning says:

    the doggy one please wow these little animals are sensational

  132. Paula Phillips says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  133. MichelleD says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop would be brilliant!

  134. Melanie Pennie says:

    Would have to be Princess Pottymouth Cat

  135. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) says:

    I find them all quite scary! But I would choose: Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  136. francis lee says:

    the unicorn

  137. Clare Thomas says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop looks like fun!

  138. hayley pemberton says:

    the unicorn

  139. greig spencer says:

    Glenda glitterpoop

  140. Lucy says:

    The growls a lot bear!

  141. Rachael Sexey says:

    Karl the snarl panda

  142. Rebecca Austin says:

    My daughter would pick Glenda Glitterpoop, great comp. Thank you

  143. elaine stokes says:

    Karl the Snarl polar bear

  144. karen says:

    I’d love Glenda the unicorn!

  145. Sam Parkes says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop the unicorn

  146. rosa says:

    I would love the unicorn!

  147. Matthew Warman says:

    Definitely the unicorn one!

  148. Rachell Lynch says:

    glenda glitterpoop is so cool!

  149. Kayleigh Robinson says:

    These are so awesome! What a unique idea. I’d love the the unicorn one for my daughter.

  150. Anthea Holloway says:

    I would love to win the Sammy Suckerpunch Dog!

  151. Kevin Cannon says:

    Got to be the panda

  152. caroline kelly says:

    The doggie one

  153. Tracy Newton says:

    I think that my son would love Black Belt Panda

  154. Dawn Samples says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch x

  155. lucinda duxbury says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop

  156. hannah igoe says:

    Karl the snarl polar bear!

  157. Princess Pottymouth Cat x

  158. Katie says:

    Glenda glitterpoop

  159. Rebecca Smith says:

    i would love Glenda Glitterpoop

  160. Susan B says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda is my favourite but they are all super cute.

  161. Christina Palmer says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  162. Laura Loo says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  163. STACY SORRELL says:

    The Unicorn please

  164. katie smith says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  165. Katie Kingsbury says:

    Glenda Gliterpop

  166. claire griffiths says:

    Sir Growls-a-lot Bear

  167. Kathryn Phillips says:

    Princess potty mouth cat would be a winner here

  168. sara wilson says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  169. sarah knightley says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch

  170. michelle o'neill says:

    Sir Growls-a-lot Bear

  171. kimberley ryan says:

    oh my word these are just amazing 🙂
    If I could choose any it would have to be Glenda Glitterpoop

  172. Kristina Meredith says:

    Blackbelt bobby panda!

  173. Sarah Hughes says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch is my favourite!

  174. Sarah Mcknight says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop

  175. I love Glenda Glitterpoop – The Unicorn – I want her x

  176. AMANDA WARD says:

    the cat would be my choice!

  177. Victoria Prince says:

    I’d most like to win Glenda Glitterpoop!

  178. Suzanne Jackson says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop looks fun!

  179. Natalie Turner says:

    Glenda the unicorn!

  180. Tee Simpson says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop please

  181. Ben Audsley says:

    I’d like the wolf please

  182. Susan Trubey says:

    Princess PottyMouth Cat

  183. Rebecca Mercer says:

    Karl the snarl polar bear

  184. Glenda Glitterpop 🙂

  185. Janine Dolan says:

    They are all scary looking but probably the panda.

  186. Rachel rodgers says:

    My kids would love any one of them! They are amazing they change there temper just like my kids .

  187. Kirsty Sparks says:

    I’d love the wolf please 🙂

  188. Louise Doyle says:

    My little girl would adore Glenda Glitterpoop! 🙂

  189. Leanne Abel says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop please

  190. Rachel white says:

    Glenda glitter poop the unicorn would be fabulous for my daughter!

  191. Sayj Trivedy says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  192. Kelly says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda,

  193. lorraine polley says:

    would love Glenda Glitterpoop

  194. Jane Brown says:

    Got to be Princess Pottymouth Cat. My cat looks just like that when she comes across another feline intruder in HER garden!

  195. Kerry Elsworth says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  196. Allan Smith says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  197. CRAIG AUSTIN says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  198. CRAIG AUSTIN says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  199. katrina walsh says:

    I’d love to win Glenda Glitterpoop

  200. Sarah Keery says:

    I’d love to win Sammy Suckerpunch Dog.

  201. I would most like to win Ferdinand Flamefart! Although they all looks pretty amazing!

  202. Ailish Delaney says:

    I’d love to win Glenda Glitterpoop…even the name cheers me up!

  203. Jo Hutchings says:

    I’d most like to win Sammy Suckerpunch Dog!

  204. Keith Hunt says:

    Bobby Panda

  205. Zoe Payne says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  206. Victoria Thurgood says:

    Bobby Panda

  207. Jodie Cook says:

    Definitely Princess Pottymouth Cat, she looks cute even as angry 😀

  208. Carly Belsey says:

    Princess PottyMouth Cat sounds fun. These are great. Thank you

  209. Deborah Mackenzie says:

    I love Bobby Panda.

  210. Margaret Mccaffery says:

    Would love to have Sammy Suckerpunch please.

  211. Angie McDonald says:

    I love the Sir Growls-a-lot Bear!

  212. Dee says:

    I would pick Sammy Suckerpunch Dog!

  213. cheryl hadfield says:

    My daughter Lyla would love Glenda Glitterpoop

  214. julie laing says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  215. Leila Benhamida says:

    I will choose Glenda Glitterpoop. WONDERFUL PRIZE.

  216. Mark Mccaffery says:

    Black belt bobby panda please.

  217. Mickie Bull says:

    Bobby Panda

  218. amy bondoc says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop

  219. Kelly L says:

    I would love to win Glenda Glitterpoop!

  220. Nicola S says:

    I’m sure my daughter would love Glenda Glitterpoop. She’s hilarious!

  221. Rachel Craig says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch.

  222. Ruth Harwood says:

    Suckerpunch Sam sounds right up our alley!!

  223. Emma Topp says:

    Princess pottymouth cat would be great!

  224. SHIRLEY EVANS says:

    Love the unicorn

  225. Susan Sargent says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda please

  226. Louise Burgess says:

    panda defo

  227. Mary G says:

    Karl The Snarl Polar Bear- My son only just asked for one of these for Christmas!

  228. Hannah Scudder says:

    Sir Growls-a-lot Bear

  229. Lindsay Seels says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop starts off so cute then goes to instantly scary

  230. Tasha Hamilton says:

    The unicorn

  231. Emma Chapman says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  232. Stacey Gahan says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop please!

  233. john prendergast says:

    the panda bear

  234. Gill Mitchell says:

    I would love to win Princess Pottymouth cat. They are all fab though!

  235. Ali Fanstone says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog please

  236. Zoe Trelfa-Porter says:

    Black belt bobby panda

  237. aj says:

    We like Bobby Panda

  238. Laura Pritchard says:

    The Panda one please!

  239. Mark R says:

    Black belt Bobby Panda

  240. Maria Blythin says:

    karl the snarl polar bear pls x

  241. Amanda tanner says:

    the panda bear

  242. claire woods says:

    Sir Growls-a-lot Bear

  243. Becky Yeomans says:

    I love Glenda Glitterpoop!

  244. Michaela Hannah says:

    I would to win Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  245. Angela Treadway says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog x

  246. Karen Usher says:

    Great prize, love these. Loving the Black Belt Bobby Panda

  247. Simone Griffin says:

    My son would especially love Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  248. Joanne Welsh says:

    Suckerpunch Sam!

  249. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Black Belt Bobby Panda please.

  250. joanne casey says:

    Love these!! I’d love Princess Pottymouth Cat please

  251. Martina Pichova says:

    I love the panda – but wouldn’t mind getting any of them…

  252. Lisa Houston says:

    Panda please

  253. Susan Lloyd says:

    I would love the panda x

  254. Katie says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  255. Jean Ray says:

    Karl The Snarl Polar Bear

  256. trac forrest says:

    Karl The Snarl Polar Bear!

  257. Claire Lewis says:

    I love them all but my niece would choose the unicorn I think

  258. Joo Dee says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop please!

  259. Leanne Newsome says:

    The feisty panda

  260. Bev says:

    I love them all and already have Ebenezer Clause! Id love Karl the Snarl next!

  261. Kelly Hirst says:

    I’d love to win the panda

  262. Katerina Economides says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  263. Jo McPherson says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat please

  264. Lisa King says:

    These look fab, I would pick Glenda Gliterpop Unicorn

  265. Clare Hubbard says:

    The feisty panda!

  266. I’d love to give Karl the Snarl Polar Bear a loving home

  267. Jennifer Bruce says:

    Karl The Snarl Polar Bear!

  268. Donna V Caldwell says:

    My daughter would love sir Growls a lot

  269. Kelly White says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  270. Christine Lockley says:

    I’d love to give Karl the Snarl Polar Bear a loving home

  271. Elzbieta Znyk says:

    The unicorn

  272. Nichola Harwood says:

    The awesome Karl the Snarl Polar Bear, he looks cool

  273. Sarah Rees says:

    Haha I haven’t seen these before, I had to do a double take at the photos. They are fab, I would go for Princess Pottymouth Cat but I do like the unicorn too.

  274. Jules Eley says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  275. Wendy Jones says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat looks cute(ish) lol

  276. Vicki Nicholls says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch for my wolf mad son x

  277. Amy Dugdale says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop

  278. Emma says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  279. Emma Loftus says:

    These are fab, I love the cat best, princess pottymouth hahaha, I think I’ve found my spirit animal.

  280. TRACY JAMES says:

    id love to win ,princess potty mouth . these teddys are so cool x

  281. Amanda Baggott says:

    The panda 🙂

  282. Dion petrie says:

    I like the cat

  283. I like Blackbelt Bobby Panda the best

  284. Adrienne McGroder says:

    Karl the Snarl polar bear – my son would be absolutely delighted!

  285. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda please

  286. Jade Hewlett says:

    The panda

  287. Sally Collingwood says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda.

  288. Isabel O says:

    I think I would most like to win Glenda the Unicorn! 🙂

  289. Justine Hughes says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch please.

  290. Helen Tovell says:

    Bobby the panda for us

  291. Rich Tyler says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch

  292. Katie Skeoch says:

    Sir Growls-a-lot Bear

  293. Stacey Carnell says:

    I like Princess Pottymouth Cat best!

  294. Lauren Read says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda! so cute

  295. Amy Wright says:

    I would love to win Karl the Snarl polar bear – my son would think this is great!

  296. Astrid C says:

    the panda bear!!!

  297. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    I would absolutely love to win Glenda the unicorn, even when she’s angry she looks cute like my children xXx

  298. Anthony Harrington says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar Bear please, he is adorable and terrifying at the same time!

  299. Alison Joyce says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop

  300. Jennifer Wlodyka says:

    The cat

  301. stuart hargreaves says:


  302. Marycarol says:

    Princess Pottermouth Cat x

  303. Fozia Akhtar says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  304. Lin Martin says:

    Unicorn they are so fab, bring on the fiesty

  305. Jo Jones says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat! Please.

  306. claire glace says:

    Big thank you, i love….Feisty Pets Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  307. Inga Andersen says:

    The cat looks awesome, that’s what I’d pick 🙂

  308. Laura Ashton says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  309. Lee Ritson says:

    I’ve seen Karl the Snarl Polar Bear in the local menkind store by my work so i’ll go with that!

  310. Kate Loader says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat!

  311. Kim Neville says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  312. Laura Milton says:

    My daughter would love the panda – her favs!

  313. Rebecca Brown says:

    Karl the Snarl polar bear, but they’re all great!

  314. Amanda Hart says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar bear

  315. debbie smith says:

    i love the panda bear creepy but cute ! fab giveaway x

  316. Emily Henley says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat!

  317. Danielle Spencer says:

    Feisty Pets Karl the Snarl Polar Bear please.

  318. Ren Taylor says:

    My favourite is Sammy Suckerpunch Dog…..any that a boy would like would be fab to win

  319. Zoe C says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch dog

  320. Lorna Ledger says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat sounds fun, my kids would love these!

  321. leanne weir says:

    The Polar Bear please

  322. Anna says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop please 🙂

  323. S Edwards says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  324. Kerry Kilmister says:

    My daughter would love Glenda Glitterpoop

  325. Phil Hawkins says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop

  326. tracey ryder says:

    love the unicorn

  327. Rachel says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat please!

  328. helen harris says:

    Love the unicorn.

  329. Fiona says:

    Glenda Glitterpoop the Unicorn please

  330. Annabel Greaves says:

    The unicorn

  331. Jane Willis says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat please

  332. Lynn Neal says:

    The Polar Bear

  333. kim plant says:

    Glenda the unicorn please x

  334. Pauline black says:

    Princess potty mouth cat! So cute!

  335. Liam Bishop says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  336. Iris Tilley says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog looks cheeky lol

  337. Michelle Kinsey says:

    Sammy the Suckerpunch dog is my son’s favourite, because he looks like our Husky and my son’s name is Samuel! <3

  338. Ashleigh Allan says:

    The polar bear

  339. Helen Stratton says:

    My son would love Blackbelt Bobby Panda.

  340. Gill Williams says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  341. Sue McCarthy says:

    Call me old fashioned but I don’t like them for kids. But they are fun for adults, those eyebrows crack me up!

  342. Laura Jones says:

    sir growl a lot bear sounds wicked!

  343. Danielle Pooley says:

    Has to be the panda, my little boy is obsessed with pandas

  344. joanna butler-savage says:

    Glenda the unicorn – very cool

  345. Sidrah Ahmed says:

    I would like the Glenda Glitterpoop

  346. Hali Kinson says:

    Princess Pottymouth

  347. Solange says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  348. Oh Wow!! The choice is hard!!! I think the sir growls a lot bear though!! 😀

  349. Sarah Mackay says:

    Princess pottymouth cat

  350. Susie Wilkinson says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog

  351. sarah rees says:

    the polar bear

  352. Erin Thomas says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  353. Natalie Crossan says:

    Glenda the unicorn

  354. laura banks says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  355. zoe brown says:

    Sammy Suckerpunch Dog,

  356. sharon martin says:

    Blackbelt Bobby Panda

  357. Ruth lee says:

    Princess pottymouth cat

  358. marie miles says:

    my nephew will love Karl the Snarl Polar Bear these are fab im keeping my fingers crossed.

  359. emma walters says:

    my son would love Karl the Snarl Polar Bear

  360. laura stewart says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat please x

  361. Alice Dixon says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar bear

  362. fiona waterworth says:

    my daughter just got a kitten so this is good Princess Pottymouth Cat

  363. joanne Darnell says:

    snarl polar bear

  364. iain maciver says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat

  365. Kim Carberry says:

    I think my girl would like Glenda Glitterpoop 🙂

  366. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Karl The Snarl Polar Bear

  367. abigail edkins says:

    definitely Glenda the unicorn

  368. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Princess Pottymouth please

  369. Tracy Nixon says:

    Princess Pottymouth Cat!

  370. melanie stirling says:

    Karl the Snarl Polar bear please.

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