Win a Picnic Blanket with a difference


Welcome to day 4 of my #CMBigBirthdayBonanza

We are off to two festivals this year.  One for the kids – LolliBop – you can win a family ticket here, and Camp Bestival in Dorset.

We went to Camp Bestival last year, but only as day guests.  This year we are going to experience all four days of fun, but being camping novices we are on the look out for things we need to take.

Last year the one thing that we took that was a godsend was our picnic blanket as we could sit and relax whilst watching our favourite acts on stage.  Luckily we had great weather, but what would happen if it rained?

Let me introduce you to the Gigsak – the picnic blanket that can keep you dry in the rain and keeps you warm when the temperature drops.

  1. Use it as a traditional picnic blanket
  2. Turn it inside out and shelter from the rain
  3. Pop your legs inside to keep you warm if it gets cold

The waterproof layer is made from the same material as your umbrella, so it dries quickly too!


The Gigsak comes in two colours – traditional Plaid or the bright pink Daisy print.

The lovely team behind this fabulous new product have given me one Gigsak to give away in the pink daisy print.

To Enter:

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  • Closing Date:  22nd June 2014
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331 thoughts on “Win a Picnic Blanket with a difference

  1. Charmian Filewood says:

    I was wanting to go to Download but didn’t manage it, hopefully Sonisphere xx

  2. Caroline Kelly says:

    Would love to go to wireless

  3. claire little says:

    t in the park

  4. None this year but I would love to eventually take my son to one of the great children’s festivals.

  5. Jackie Allum says:

    Would love to go to any but I’m waiting until I can walk properly again before I do.
    Jackie Allum recently posted…Difficult 10 days yo-yoingMy Profile

  6. Diane Wood says:

    Not going to one this year 🙁 I dream of going to Glastonbury though – one day

  7. Natalie Crossan says:

    lollibop 🙂 x

  8. Mark Allen says:

    Cambridge Folk Festival

  9. Angela Williams says:


  10. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    Guilfest – just my local one 🙂

  11. Joanna Sawka says:


  12. Susan Willshee says:

    I’m definitely going to wireless festival and hoping to go to Leeds festival too

  13. Alexandra Blue says:

    Camp Bestival – very excited as have not been before

  14. jackie rushton says:


  15. Michelle lintern says:


  16. jen lloyd says:

    would love to do Glastonbury but I don’t have a ticket 🙁

  17. Keeley Shaw says:

    No Festivals planned but lots and lots of days out and picnics with the littluns, so this would come in very handy.

  18. Stephanie Acton says:


  19. Alisa Moore says:

    Nothing booked yet

  20. Laura Pritchard says:

    Bestival sounds good!

  21. Jill Donaldson says:

    T in the park xx

  22. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Nothing booked yet!

  23. Katie Skeoch says:

    T in the Park

  24. Michelle McCulloch says:

    Definately going to Rewind, and hoping to go to T in The Park too.

  25. Faye Stokes says:

    That is SUCH a good idea! I’m sadly not going to any festivals this year but I am planning to have lots of picnics so this would be perfect 🙂

  26. Jayne B says:


  27. Colette Sheeran says:

    I enter every competition for festival tickets. Hopefully I will win one.

  28. Patricia Avery says:

    None as there is nothing within reasonable travelling distance but I would love one of these for picnics 🙂

  29. Penelope Hannibal says:

    I would love to go to Glastonbury but I won’t be able to until I’m better ad muddy fields & wheelchairs just don’t mix 🙁

  30. LYN C says:

    local park

  31. Helen Schofield says:

    No festivals for me this year.

  32. Eleanor Powell says:

    Just done Let’s Rock Bristol, we have the Godney Gathering and Glastonbury Extravaganza coming up – not big ones but still fun

  33. carol boffey says:


  34. Mr James Holyland says:

    T in the park

  35. JULIE CAMM says:

    Sadly, none….

  36. Wendy Guy says:

    T in the Park. Hopefully.

  37. carly bryan says:


  38. Erica Price says:

    Nothing booked yet – bit short of cash.
    Erica Price recently posted…Week 25 of 2014My Profile

  39. Amy Harding says:

    Lollibop would be perfect for the little ones, although my youngest is only 2months so maybe next year! 🙂 We do love a good picnic in the park though x

  40. Ruth Harwood says:

    Not sure we’ll get to any of them, but T in the park might be nice!


    T in the Park

  42. Arabella Bazley says:

    No festivals, just lots of beaches and picnics

  43. Laura Carroll says:

    I’d like to go to Reading!

  44. Andrea Johnson says:

    whatever I can get to

  45. Jane Middleton says:


  46. RACHAEL JONES says:

    T in the Park !

  47. Tracy Alder-Ashwin says:

    As I only live down the road from here I really need to go to Glastonbury.

  48. Susan Hoggett says:


  49. Esra howe says:

    No festival planned as yet, but we do like picnics and days out in the sunshine 🙂

  50. Julie Henderson says:

    T in the Park

  51. hannah says:

    Not sure yet but we do like to rock it up in the garden and we do have a local picnic in the park to go too.

  52. No festivals at the moment as my twins are only 18 months but we will be having a picnic after in the night garden live…sooooo rock and roll

  53. victoria vincent says:

    v festival would be good!

  54. Karen Dixon says:

    none for me but my friends are going to Latvia

  55. Jacqui Napier says:

    Festival of the sun (in my garden!)

  56. Carolyn Collins says:

    Guilfest or Blissfield

  57. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    We’ll be going to the Freedom Festival in Hull.

  58. Sheri Darby says:

    None – but my son is going to as many as possible

  59. jackie curran says:

    v festival

  60. Caroline Anne Bellamy says:

    Looe Music Festival in September 🙂

  61. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    No festivals but lots of days out with my gorgeous grandsons

  62. Kiran Parry says:

    None this year

  63. Susan Lloyd says:

    Penn festival and lollibop x

  64. Amy says:

    I want to go to V Festival!

  65. Ruth davies says:

    no festivals but a three year old who loves picnics

  66. Susan Race says:

    We are going to benicassim (FIB) for the second year running… probably won’t need this there (except maybe as a picnic blanket) but will be great for future festivals or outdoors gigs!

  67. lisa tebbutt says:

    No festivals but iam going to food festive in july

  68. Deb Hambleton says:

    Sunderland Festival – yes we do have one 🙂

  69. Gloria C says:

    Glastonbury 🙂

  70. Anthea Holloway says:

    I would love to go to Glastonbury

  71. Lani Nash says:

    No festivals but we do love a good picnic

  72. Samantha Atherton says:

    The Big Festival

  73. Allan Fullarton says:


  74. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Wireless Festival

  75. Clint Howat says:


  76. Rich Hill says:

    Chagstock or Bicton Fest in glorious Devon :o)

  77. Hazel Rea says:

    I’d love to go to the V Festival – but this would be fantastic for the beach!

  78. Nicki Evans says:


  79. Janine Atkin says:

    None 🙁
    Janine Atkin recently posted…I won the May Ryman Blog Party!My Profile

  80. Janet Rumley says:

    Not sure – but would be useful for a picnic at the beach !!

  81. Cheryl says:

    not got any festivals booked for this year, but will be going to see shows in the edinburgh festival if that counts

  82. Kayleigh Main says:

    None, im too skint!

  83. Patrick Moran says:

    T in the Park

  84. katherine b says:

    None, just picnic in the park with kids x

  85. Tamsin Dean says:

    Leeds as it is local, lived here decades but never been to that one yet oddly

  86. Robby Price says:


  87. Lynne Rea says:

    T in the Park

  88. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Sundown, in Norfolk

  89. Joanna Butler-Savage says:

    hopefully leeds

  90. Martina Pichova says:

    We have already been to Sunrise festival

  91. emma falvi says:

    none that i know off

  92. barbara clarke says:

    going to glastonbury next week

  93. Melanie McNair says:

    Stendahl & Sunflower Fest

  94. Mark Palmer says:

    Southport flower show!

  95. Jill Cordner says:

    None but this would be perfect for our august camping trip (new to camping and looking forward to taking our 3 boys) xx

  96. Helen B says:

    I’m not going to any 🙁

  97. Vera Bahounkova says:


  98. Diane Jackson says:

    Maybe Leeds 🙂

  99. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    No festivals planned but with 4 young children, this picnic blanket would be fantastic for picnics on the beach & at the park 🙂

  100. Angie Hoggett says:

    not sure but myabe Leeds

  101. joanne liddement says:

    Looe Music Festival,Cornwall in September.It started off small and is growing every year.

  102. FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    Not going to any festivals.

  103. Karen R says:

    Leeds 🙂

  104. andrea lloyd says:

    v festival

  105. leanne williams says:

    v festival

  106. Kirsty Woods says:


  107. Sue McCarthy says:

    Don’t plan to go anywhere; just split up with my boyfriend so don’t feel like doing anything 🙁

  108. Suzanne Howell says:

    Would love to go to lollibop, but if we don’t get there, this would still be very useful as we do quite a bit of camping!

  109. Diana says:

    Reading 🙂

  110. C TINDALE says:


  111. Elizabeth Williams says:

    Unfortunately not going to any festivals but hope to have a mini festival in the garden listening to music on the radio enjoying time with friends and family

  112. elaine stokes says:

    none but this is perfect for holiday

  113. Janet T says:

    I’m a bit old for festivals, all that camping does my back in, but a lovely picnic would be good.

  114. Kevin Bloomfield says:


  115. tarbs gill says:

    Would have to be a mini festival in the garden!

  116. Lisa Anne says:

    I’m not sure yet, I’d love to go to T in the park though. 🙂

  117. Paula Phillips says:

    None this year.

  118. Nicola Holland says:

    Bestival 🙂

  119. Nigel Greaves says:

    Glastonbury! (I should be so lucky!!)

  120. Brian Cheney says:

    None. Just picnics and country walks.

  121. Iram Mahmood says:

    Unfortunately I’m not going on festivals, but planning lots of picnics in
    the park with friends 🙂

  122. Kimberley Robinson says:

    Leeds Festival

  123. Angela Paull says:

    We’re off to the Curious Arts festival in the New Forest in 3 weeks time 🙂

  124. Sara says:

    Baldersbury 2014! (a pretend Glastonbury we’re having in Baldersdale as we didn’t get tickets to Glastonbury)



  126. Rachel Davies says:

    Really hoping to get to Holi One Festival

  127. IZZY says:

    leeds fest

  128. Christina Jarrett says:

    The Green Man Festival 🙂 x

  129. barbara snaith says:


  130. Lauren Old says:

    Hopefully staying local – Boardmasters

  131. daryl gott says:

    Any folk festival.

  132. Sarah Norgrove says:

    V Festival!

  133. tony machin says:

    Reading festival

  134. Stephen Little says:

    Not sure, but would love a folk music festival.

  135. tracey thompson says:

    just been to isle of wight

  136. Allan Wilson says:

    Rewind in Perth

  137. sarah stevens says:

    none this year but lots of picnics with the kids and weymouth carnival 🙂

  138. Nikki says:

    Reading festival fingers crossed.

  139. gemma coultrip says:

    Reading festival

  140. Amy Beckett says:

    Leeds Fest if I happen to win tickets

  141. Julie Ward says:

    None because I can’t afford it

  142. tazzy keen says:

    I don’t think I’ll get to one this year.

  143. wendy moore says:

    V festival

  144. Keith says:

    Green Man

  145. Catherine Culmer says:

    Glastonbury would be fab but vey unlikely 🙂

  146. Carroll Marsh says:

    Hopefully Glastonbury,if a certain someone has a big surprise like this for me!!What a great idea this prize is!I love it XX

  147. Andy Kadir-Buxton says:

    I will be pitching the tent in the garden this summer holiday.

  148. dionne says:


  149. Kerry Brown says:

    none but will be going on plenty of picnics 🙂

  150. Kelly Wiffin says:

    None but hope to go to one next year!
    Kelly Wiffin recently posted…The Gallery: DetailMy Profile

  151. Jayne K says:

    None, but my daughter is off to Download

  152. Csilla Kontig says:

    I don’t plan going to any festival this year. Just picnics in the park

  153. Nikki Thomas says:

    The Big Feastival in Chipping Norton
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…The imaginary boyfriend – Wot so funeeMy Profile

  154. Dawn Chapman says:

    Hoping for the Isle of White.

  155. gemma clark says:

    None 🙁 will be picnics in the park instead

  156. Colin Gault says:


  157. lynn Heath says:

    No big or little festival for us this year 🙁 (I dont have any spare leave from work so I might make one in the garden for the kids, wont be quite the same though!!!)

  158. vicki hennie says:

    Been to a few in my time however im a mum now so have been looking at a smaller local family friendly festival in manchester

  159. Amy says:

    None this year.

  160. michelle banks says:

    i usually go to Download festival, but am going on holiday instead this year!

  161. Karen Whittaker says:

    Reading Festival

  162. Angela Webster says:

    We are hoping to go to the local music festival in the town where we live, it’s great to support local festivals.

  163. Catherine McAlinden says:


  164. Susan Trubey says:


  165. Suzie says:

    Not going to any festivals this year but hope to picnic

  166. hazel murphy says:

    Hoping to go to the Isle of Wight.

  167. Keri Jones says:

    We would love to go to Download but don’t know if we can get someone to have our boy :/

  168. claire matthews-curtis says:

    None this year, But I would love to win this for family picnics. Fab giveaway x

  169. Lindy Hamilton says:


  170. Stefan Pearson says:

    Glastonbury here i come

  171. Zoe Roxby says:


  172. Janice Mackin says:

    Janice Mackin recently posted…Entering CompetitionsMy Profile

  173. Zoe Coen says:


  174. tina edwards says:

    none this year but this would be fab for picnics with the family

  175. Claire D says:

    V festival at Weston park

  176. Isabel O'Brien says:

    I’m not going to any festival this year. :'(

  177. Harriet says:

    T in the Park

  178. Clearlybex says:

    I dont go to festivals, I’m too busy being a full time mum. Although we are going to a couple of motor race tracks soon so the gigsak would be great to use!
    Clearlybex recently posted…Cooking With Kids : Tortilla PizzasMy Profile

  179. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    T in the park

  180. Rachel White says:

    None this year cos ive j6st had twinnybobs

  181. Deborah Torr says:


  182. Helen Stratton says:

    V Festival

  183. We won’t be attending any but this looks fab!
    Stacey Guilliatt recently posted…Recipe – Chicken & butternut squash curryMy Profile

  184. I’m not really a festival person but this looks good.
    Louise Perry Fairweather recently posted…Deciding on a new bathroomMy Profile

  185. Deb Alexander says:

    Sadly, I won’t be able to go to ant this year I will make do with sunny days with my 3 children! xxx

  186. Samantha Evans says:

    none myself but my son is going to VDub on Isle of Wight x

  187. Jayne T says:

    No plans, but would use this when camping on on a picnic.

  188. Mickie Bull says:

    Beautiful Days!

  189. sarah Scott says:


  190. Rachael Jess says:

    I’m loving the line up for Reading – so that would be the one I’d pick
    Rachael Jess recently posted…FunkyLaser Jewellery CompetitionMy Profile

  191. Amanda Graham says:


  192. aideen p says:

    Leeds 🙂

  193. none, can’t stand them!
    Alexandra Mercer (Life of mummy) recently posted…My word of the week – sevenMy Profile

  194. Leona S Fisher says:

    No plans as of yet

  195. Susie Wilkinson says:

    No festivals for us this year 🙁 the finances are a bit too tight, bit it’d probably be handy at our local beach which is only half an hours drive away

  196. Paul Witney says:

    Wychwood – can’t wait to see Justin Fletcher!

  197. Lucy Bishop says:

    My festival days are over – i’ll be heading out on loads of family picnics though! Rock ‘n’ Roll! 🙂

  198. jodie harvey says:

    im not big on festivals but i have 5 children who love to go over the local playing field for a game of football and picnic 🙂

  199. Jackie ONeill says:

    Isle of Wight

  200. My parents moved to Poole not long ago so Camp Bestival is definitly on our list of want to do’s this year!
    Sammie Hodges recently posted…Chester’s first (very) short story…My Profile

  201. Polly W says:

    We’re hoping to go to Shambala and maybe some smaller ones nearer to us x

  202. Michelle says:

    OFF Festival!

  203. Suzon says:

    What a brilliant idea – would love to win one of these!

  204. Honey says:

    None but I will be having plenty of picnics.
    Honey recently posted…The School for Good and Evil – A World without PrincesMy Profile

  205. Tammy Tudor says:

    v festival 🙂

  206. Hannah Ingham says:

    None this year :((

  207. Liam Bishop says:

    The local ones in the park depending on if it’s sunny!

  208. justine meyer says:

    Not going to any this year

  209. Helen J says:

    Creamfields 🙂

  210. Kay panayi says:

    V festival always looks great

  211. kelly says:

    V Festival!

  212. Hekna says:

    Not sure about festivals, though I wish I could go back in time to woodstock! Otherwise will settle for the Foodies Festival

  213. Lara Davis says:


  214. Caroline Blaza says:

    I’m hoping to go to Latitude

  215. Lyla says:

    Latitude hopefully

  216. caroline says:

    I’d love to go to Kendal calling

  217. Samantha J says:

    Camp Bestival

  218. Tracey Gwynne says:

    I am going to Sonisphere, and already have tickets. Last time I went, it was torrential rain, but as a metal fan, I could handle it! (It improved the look to be honest 😉

  219. Louise A says:

    Hoping to get to Fairport’s Cropredy Convention this year

  220. lorraine polley says:

    not sure im going to any festivals, but this will be perfect for our camping trips

  221. NINO AMOROSO says:


  222. kim neville says:

    Lollibop would be great with the family

  223. gina brett says:

    A fantastic local festival called the Umbrella Festival.

  224. Kat Lucas says:

    T in the Park

  225. Jadea says:

    I’ve never been to a festival 🙁

  226. julie laing says:

    I’m not going to any

  227. richard hill says:

    v festival

  228. Anneka Hulse says:

    The V fest

  229. NATALIE GOATLEY says:

    Global Gathering

  230. frances hopkins says:

    Guilfest x

  231. angela says:

    I’m not going but my daughter will be 18 soon so I’m sure she will go

  232. Amy says:

    I’m not attending any festivals, but I am going on Guide camp, so this could still come in handy!

  233. Amanda Walsh says:

    Amanda Walsh recently posted…Feeling snuggly with AldiMy Profile

  234. Mary Chez says:

    My sons are both going to Reading

  235. claire woods says:

    Reading festival

  236. julia linsley says:

    Lamer Tree

  237. Hannah Bee Griffin says:


  238. Nancy Townsend says:


  239. Tina Lawton says:

    I’m not going to any unfortunately 🙁

  240. kirsty l says:

    would love the v festival

  241. KATHY D says:


  242. Janet Rawstron says:

    Nothing planned as yet will have to wait until closer to the date to see if we can make it.

  243. Sandra Lane says:

    Hoping to go to Reading this year.

  244. Allan Smith says:

    Latitude Festival

  245. Sarah Wyatt says:

    Camp Bestival – can’t wait!

  246. Di Coke says:

    I’m determined to win Glastonbury tickets!
    Di Coke recently posted…What is Shazam?My Profile

  247. Leanne Bell says:

    I would love to go to V Festival this year, but if I don’t go, this would make a great blanket for a family picnic.

  248. nicola clarkon says:

    just days out with the children, enjoying picknics

  249. Hazel Christopher says:

    Would love to go to Lolibop with my lil monster 🙂

  250. George Spedding says:

    A family picnic rather than a festival

  251. Stephanie Tsang says:

    V Festival.

  252. laura nisbet says:

    Tea in the Park

  253. Emma Collins says:

    no festivals this year but plenty of family picnics which this would be fab for

  254. HelenM says:

    Deer Shed Festival – fabulous for kids

  255. Rachel Humphries says:

    download or sonisphere

  256. none this year
    tracey bowden recently posted…Training with Home BargainsMy Profile

  257. Natasha says:

    I want to go to all of them but unfortunately its just all work work work for me this year!

  258. Elizabeth Ferguson says:


  259. sarah rees says:

    none… unless I find a willing babysitter and some tickets

  260. sarah birkett says:

    tickets already bought for Reading

  261. kellyjo walters says:

    My sister goes to loads of festival round the world

  262. olga carpenter says:

    hoping to go to in the summer some time

  263. ann clements says:

    not going to any festivals

  264. elaine dale says:

    not sure yet, maybe one of the carfests

  265. Kim Dillon says:

    None sorted yet. Fancy Camp Bestival though

  266. Miriam Said says:

    I am not going to any festivals as I am a disabled wheelchair user and it is very difficult to get a wheelchair to go through lots of mud.

  267. abigail edkins says:

    I dont think I’ll get to go to any this year but my fave is bestival

  268. i like the sound of glastonbury never been
    Kathy Cakebread recently posted…Spring/Summer 2014 Makeup trends: Blue is backMy Profile

  269. debbie godbolt says:

    hi im hoping to go to the wireless festival x

  270. Chris Fliss says:

    Isle of Wight 🙂

  271. Karen Robertson says:

    We would love to go Lollibop with the kids

  272. karen delaney says:

    Nothing planned as yet.

  273. laura stewart says:

    Glastonbury this year 🙂

  274. Sally Rose says:


  275. Laura Marshall says:

    Wireless – the line up looks fab!!

  276. clair downham says:

    Glastonbury would be good

  277. Lisa Edwards says:

    Anything local, never been to a festival before x
    Lisa Edwards recently posted…Growing strawberriesMy Profile

  278. sam swain says:

    sam swain recently posted…Elemis Competition Prize ReviewMy Profile

  279. Hoping to get to Lollibob this year
    Angela Spicer recently posted…Sports DayMy Profile

  280. Emma Baker says:

    V Festival

  281. Paula Barker says:


  282. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Greenman if we can get theere

  283. Barbara Handley says:

    V Festival

  284. David Mitchell says:


  285. karen cowley says:

    V festival hopefully x

  286. jennifer thorpe says:

    we’re going to a couple of VW campervan festivals, busfest and camperjam

  287. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    None sadly, but maybe a rerun of last years where we spent Glastonbury weekend watching it on TV along with some great documentarys about it! Or a rerun of the night we spent sitting on our kitchen windowsill (on the third floor) with our legs dangling out watching the rain and thunderstorm over the hills! We used our picnic blanket over our legs but it wasn’t as good as this prize!

  288. Paul Wilson says:

    Nothing planned at the moment.

  289. Simon G says:


  290. Lisa Auger says:

    Lollibop would be great

  291. Sarah says:

    V fest

  292. rachel ford says:

    t in the park

  293. Carolynn Woodland says:

    none this year

  294. Gillian Alexander says:

    Would love to go to Bloodstock

  295. iain maciver says:

    t in the park

  296. Kirsty Greer says:

    None this year for us x

  297. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

    Bestival, I hope.

  298. Kelly Dutton says:

    Lollibop 🙂

  299. winnie says:

    Glastonbury 🙂

  300. Zoe G says:

    I really wanted to go to Creamfields this year but too too expensive so will have to save up for next year, but if I won this would be great for our picnics and days out

  301. Anne Bostwick says:

    I would try the Gigsak out in my back garden first as the garden chairs are stacked at the back of the shed; it will provide a handy shelter when the heavens inevitably open.

  302. Anne Bostwick says:

    I would use the Gigsak in my back garden, as the garden chairs are stuck at the back of the shed, and it would provide shelter handy when the heavens inevitably open!

  303. Kris says:


  304. melanie stirling says:

    The Herefordshire Flavours festival.

  305. Lucy Mayer says:

    Lollibop would be fab!

  306. Jackie Chapman says:

    Glastonbury 🙂

  307. su tyler says:

    Not going to any this year.

  308. Pauline Hill says:

    no time to go

  309. Not going to a festival but this looks brilliant for hiking trips.
    Heather Haigh recently posted…Juicing ideasMy Profile

  310. Lindsay Felvus says:

    Would be perfect for camping trip we’re planning

  311. laura banks says:

    i’m off to download in a couple of weeks can’t wait

  312. Spencer Broadley says:

    Not got festivals in mind, but the Surrey Show and others similar are on the agenda

  313. Leah Wheatley says:

    Glastonbury xxx

  314. Mrs Josie Uden says:

    Nowhere, our first baby is due in August so I think the most we will manage is picnics with our new boy/girl

  315. EMMA WALTERS says:

    lollibop would be fab!

  316. S Edwards says:

    The Rewind, fingers crossed

  317. Selina Jefferies says:

    none unfortunately

  318. Ellen Hewitt says:

    Never been to a festival, think the late nights would do me in! But I do have grandchildren who go and their festival of choice is Reading.

  319. claire nutman says:

    The vw one in dorset x

  320. Rachel McMILLAN says:

    Would love to go to bestival as a family as it’s near where I live

  321. Tracy Nixon says:

    I would love to go to Lollibop with my kids!

  322. Sadly none this year. No free weekends until November 🙁
    Richard Randall recently posted…Mikyle Lowe: And the Parchment of the Emerald Ring by M.J.LMy Profile

  323. Caroline Clarke says:

    T in the Park!

  324. Mrs Louise Barnes says:

    We would love to go Lolibop x

  325. karen says:

    Reading it’s local

  326. Karen Lloyd says:

    I’d love to go to T in the park, i don’t think we’ll make it this year though.

  327. lynn mitchell says:

    t in the park fingers crossed

  328. Ashleigh Allan says:

    I would love to go to lollibop with the kids!

  329. Jackie C says:

    This is an amazing idea! It sounds perfect for the scout camp I am going to in August!
    Jackie C recently posted…2014 Reading Challenge: Book 11 – Above All ThingsMy Profile

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