Will you be voting?


From the myriad of politicians taking over the airwaves, television and even knocking on our fronts doors, you cannot escape the fact that it is election time, in a few days time we get to vote for who we think is the political party who will do the least damage.


I am not here to talk politics, it is too volatile a subject for my blog, so I am asking for votes of another kind.

The Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs) shortlists were announced yesterday and I am incredibly honoured to have been shortlisted in the Family category for the third year running.

This is where I ask you for the most important vote you will make in the next few days (for me anyway) and to vote for me here if you love keeping up with our adventures: www.britmums.com/2015/04/vote-for-you-favourite-bloggers-bibs2015/


Some of my favourite blogs are also up for nomination but I urge you to check out the other categories, especially if you are new to the blogging world and make up your own minds on who you think are deserving winners this year.

Good Luck to all my fellow nominees and I hope to see you at the #BiBs2015


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