Why you should take an escorted trip on your next holiday

As a family we love to travel and often visit destinations and just wander around, seeing what local secrets we stumble across.

However, there are times where taking an escorted tour is the perfect choice for many reasons:

It takes the planning away

If you work full-time, or are running around after the family, it can be a struggle just to find time to book your flights and hotel, never mind plan a full itinerary of your holiday.

Taking a guided tour removes all the hassle of the planning stage. Just show up with your camera and enjoy the sights, many of which might even be a place that you didn’t know existed!!

It can be cheaper

Tour companies have the advantage of established relationships with local vendors, so they are more likely to get a much better price on hotels, museum entries, guided tours, and other travel expenses than you would on your own.

For popular destinations, they often get to skip the queues too, giving you more time to see the sights.


The language barrier

Visiting a foreign country is brilliant for experiencing different cultures, however, unless you speak the local language it can mean you miss out on important information.

Taking an escorted tour means you won’t miss any of the sights and you get the all the information about the location you are visiting as your tour manager will be an expert on the local area.


The kids

Independent travel can be fun as a couple or with friends, but add in a couple of children into the mix and it can get stressful and time-consuming, especially if you are using public transport.

Taking an escorted tour means not only is your transport sorted, but also means you are free to concentrate on making sure the kids are looked after and entertained.

Available worldwide

Guided tours are popular all over the world and can take many shapes for forms. Jules Verne offer a guided tour to India by boat along the River Hoogly, covering 250 miles in comfort, as well as more traditional safari’s and visits to impressive palace’s temples and royal enclosures.

Tips for booking an Escorted Trip

1. Check who goes on these tours?

If you are travelling as a family, make sure you choose the family friendly option as the last thing you want is to be travelling with young adults demanding a party atmosphere.

2. Check what’s included in your chosen tour?

Though many are all-inclusive, this can vary with tour companies and some will offer optional extras at a cost.

3. What kind of hotels will you be staying at?

Some tours offer basic accommodation, whilst others will be more luxurious which will be reflected in the price.

4. What are your meal options?

Some tours are very much food based and offer local dining experiences good enough for any foodie, however, others offer more tourist-friendly food options, which might be better for the kids.

5. How much activity is involved?

Make sure you check how much activity is involved – some tours are relaxed and slow moving, whilst others may involve long walks, hikes, etc for more active travellers.

6. What’s the itinerary?

Check the schedule to see exactly what you’re doing and when. Planned tours have very little free time as they have to stick to a strict schedule. If the destination is going to take time to get to, make sure you have plenty to keep you and the family occupied!

What do you think of escorted trips?

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  1. I have to be honest I’d never heard of an Escorted Tour before, but it sounds like the ideal solution for family holidays abroad 🙂

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