Why You Should Consider an Online Will Writing Service


Despite common perception, writing a will isn’t reserved for the elderly. It’s essential for anybody with notable assets to create one – especially in these unprecedented times where the future is so uncertain. Regardless, many still don’t prioritise getting them done because they don’t know where to start, leading millions of people becoming unstuck when something does eventually happen to them.

Of course, we don’t mean doom-monger or lecture anyone. Instead, this article is about inspiring you into action for your own best interests. So, how exactly does one go about starting their will? Well, we recommend using an online will writing service.

Here are all the ways they can help and why you should consider using one.

1.) The Cost

Hiring a solicitor is notoriously expensive as they charge hundreds of pounds by the hour. This means writing a will costs most people a small fortune, which it really shouldn’t. That’s why you should instead make a will online. The prices of online services are usually fixed, so you can work at your own pace and not have to worry about a mounting bill.

For example, if you were to use this online will writing service, the price of a single verified will would be £39 while a pair would be £69. This makes will writing much more accessible to people who aren’t as well off and can’t afford the exorbitant prices of a solicitor.

2.) The Ease

Online wills are also much quicker and easier to complete than a huge load of paperwork. Many people find the prospect of writing such official documents daunting, but you can cast these fears aside by using one of these online will writing services. There are only three easy steps involved: candidly answering a set of questions, submitting these answers after carefully reviewing them, then finally having a UK licensed solicitor look over the documents before approving them. Your fully legitimate will should arrive in the post once all these steps are completed. This means the whole process is simple and hassle-free.

3.) The Pace

Like we mentioned before, sometimes people will rush through the process of writing their will because they don’t want to incur extortionate solicitor fees. Being surrounded by professionals can also influence the pace at which you work. However, this isn’t a problem when you write a will online. You can afford to take your time, ruminating over the details as much as you want. Bearing in mind how important a document your will is, we think it’s essential to do so.

4.) The Protection

Everything might sound too good to be true when using an online will writing service. Obviously, you do need to research – find legitimate companies with fully licenced UK solicitors, where they have liability insurance and a money-back guarantee. Also, online services in the UK tend to only be valid in England and Wales, so if you live in Scotland or abroad then you should invest in a pair of wills to cover everything. But once you’ve investigated and sorted these things, you don’t need to worry. Your documents will be completely legitimate and legal. This means when the time comes, your family shall receive everything you’ve left to them, and the executors will have no trouble in sorting the documents.

Last will and testament
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5.) The Peace of Mind

Now you’ve sorted everything out quickly and efficiently with an online service, you can finally have peace of mind. The documents are legitimate, the executors have been established, and your loved ones will receive everything you’ve entrusted to them.

If you haven’t sorted your will already, then use an online will writing service today. Get everything sorted quickly, easily, thoroughly and legitimately, so you can protect your loved ones from whatever the future might hold.

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