Why You Need to Wear Watches During a Vacation

A vacation or holiday (or whatever you want to call it) is essentially synonymous with fun, relaxation, sand, sea, booze and partying (for those who like to drink). But, what should you bring with you? Swimwear? Party outfits? Medications? Well, whatever you bring, just don’t forget to bring a watch! If you’re still looking for the perfect watch, best visit spotthewatch.com. They have some of the best reviews and guides on different watch categories and brands to help you choose the right watch for you.Here’s a look at a couple of cool reasons why you need to wear watches during a vacation.

How Many Watches Should One Bring?

While some travelers prefer bringing with them on vacation a wide array of watches that are suitable for a wide range of events, activities and dress codes, some completely go cold turkey and don’t bring a watch. However, most folks will take just one or two watches that are suitable for just about any occasion or dress code.  

This may sound eccentric or weird but watch enthusiasts and aficionados will often take with them on a holiday a wide assortment of watch straps, so that they can replace and switch up their look, depending on what event or occasion they’re headed to. Bringing a watch with you on vacation need not just for practical reasons, but it’s mostly a style choice too.

They’re Truly Functional

Before we go straight to discussing why watches make great items to bring during vacations, let me first give you some trivia about watches. Like any item inspired by the military, wristwatches have lots of functional uses, both in wartime and peacetime.  

Wristwatches were first utilized in the 19th century by different armed forces personnel to synchronise manoeuvres and operations during conflict. Since then, Cellini watches were used in various fronts during peacetime, from under the sea by divers to high up in the sky by airplane pilots. 

And today, ordinary folk wear them for all types of occasions, including holidays. Think of maintenance-free time-telling, as compared to relying on a smartphone to tell you the time, as it only has 8 hours of battery time! 

They Keep You Punctual

Perhaps the best thing about bringing a watch with you on vacation is that they keep you punctual, which smartphones don’t obviously do. While most millennials would say “I don’t need a watch because I have a smartphone”, well fishing for mobile phone on regular occasions just to check the time just looks so desperate!

They Help You Look Stylish

Another perk of bringing not just one but two or even three watches during vacations is that you have a selection to choose from, and you can switch from one watch to another for casual wear, sportswear, water activities or any events and happenings that you’re planning to attend.  

You’re Always Connected

And, if you bring along a smartwatch with you on vacation, and you enable it with an LTE plan, you can basically treat your timepiece like a cute wrist phone, where you can answer calls, check emails, stream music and even use it as a fitness app.

And, even if you don’t have a cellphone plan, you can still tether your smartwatch to a Wi-Fi connection. The best thing about this device is that you’re always connected, but the watch’s interface is not designed to suck you into a scroll-fest on your phone. 

Bets of all, many of the high-end smartwatches today have more than enough storage for hundreds, or even thousands, of songs which one can play on their device. This makes the watch ideal for a morning or late afternoon run or workout, without having to bring along your smartphone.


While there are definitely a lot of ways to enjoy your vacation, there is only one true for us to keep track of time, and that’s through our wristwatch, and not through a smartphone. Enjoy your vacation, and always keep a tab of the time, if only to make your holidays fun and on track!

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