Why Islands of Adventure Theme Park in Orlando is a once in a lifetime experience for kids.


Adventure Theme Park in Orlando is a once in a lifetime thrill. With its uniquely themed islands of Universal’s Islands of Adventure, it has the world’s most cutting edge rides, shows and interactive attractions, where favourite comic book heroes, stories, myths, and cartoons are brought to life. So why not take your family on their holiday of a lifetime!


One of the main attractions at the Adventure Theme Park is the world of Harry Potter. Here you can explore Hogwarts Castle, experience the rides and attractions which transport you into the world of magical thrill and excitement, and visit the shops of Hogsmeade. The Dragon Challenge is a high speed roller coaster, there’s a ride for younger riders, Flight of the Hippogriff, and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, an adventure where you come face to face with magical creatures, whilst soaring above the castle. At the Three Broomsticks you can sample Butterbeer, or next door at the Hog’s Head you can order a pint of Pumpkin Juice. You can now also board the Hogwart’s Express, and travel between Hogsmead Station, in Universal Islands of Adventure, and King’s Cross Station, in Universal Studios Florida.


Marvel Super Hero Island is a whole island dedicated to dining. There’s every type of cuisine imaginable, from Italian, Asian, Greek and Mexican, to American inspired dishes, including burgers, grilled sandwiches, salads, plus full bar service. The Backwater Bar is a topical dive where you can enjoy cocktails and appetisers. At Seuss Landing you can find wholesome nutritious meals, plus sweet snacks, and frosty cold drinks. Marvel comics created the Super Heroes, from Captain America to Spiderman. If you fancy playing your own super heroes game then why try Marvel Roulette online, with exciting wins and bonuses they’re worth looking at. At Coral Casino as soon as you join you can buy in with £10 and they’ll give you a £50 Welcome Bonus, when you play their games in the Casino and Games.

You can unearth the mysteries of the planet’s prehistoric past by visiting Jurassic Park Island. It’s a hands-on interactive activity centre, which combines entertainment with education, in a verity of informative exhibits and displays, which are geared to children and adults. You can marvel at the towering remains of a T-Rex, test your DNA to see what, experience how dinosaurs see and hear the world, and visit the nursery and examine dinosaur eggs. Jurassic Park Discovery Centre is the largest of the five islands at Universal Islands of Adventure, at more than 21 acres, and here you experience where dinosaurs have been brought back to co-exist with man, for the first time anywhere.

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