When Days Out Go Wrong

If you follow my blog you will know that we are out and about a lot, some days are more successful than others but we have fun nonetheless.

Yesterday was a day that went spectacularly wrong!

We go to Swanage Carnival every year as it is the best local one as everyone makes a huge effort and the procession is huge.  Plus we normally get a Red Arrows display too.

Last year, as I was unable to drive, we took the open-top bus from Bournemouth which the kids loved and so this year we decided to do it again, but this time with hubby as he was off work.

We organised the kids, packed the picnic and coated them in suncream before we left.  The teen kicked up a little bit as he didn’t want to come as he felt ill – a normal response to not wanting to go out from him.

We coaxed them all into the car and then parked at the station, full of excitement about getting on an open top bus……………….. we were all disappointed when a normal double decker appeared.

Upon questioning the driver he explained that the open-top buses were being used for the carnival and only a few others were running so he couldn’t guarantee that the next bus would be open top either.  Against hubby’s better judgement we boarded, with the kids bounding up the stairs to get their seats.

It was a huge mistake.

The bus was not air conditioned and it was hot, humid and uncomfortable.  The bus was packed full within two stops but we made the best of it and entertained the kids with made up stories.

We did chuckle as we drove past the huge queue of cars waiting for the Sandbanks chain ferry and got straight on and hoped that our journey would be quick once we reached the other side.  We barely started the crossing when I heard the fateful words “Mum, I am going to be sick” from behind.

I didn’t even get the chance to move before it happened and can only apologise to everyone on the bus.  He was sat behind me and I was splattered, I tried to get him down the stairs and fast, but the bus driver was just stood there chatting on his phone and didn’t open the doors fast enough.  It was a nightmare.

Trying to clear up armed with just baby wipes is impossible and it appears that buses don’t carry any form of blue tissue or anything that could help.

We got off the bus at Shell Bay and the little ones got some lunch whilst the teen got some much-needed fresh air.

The question was, did we continue with our journey or head back home?

We were 3/4 of the way there, the teen felt better and thankfully the next bus had an open top, so we continued our journey, with the kids getting to sit upstairs in the fresh air and hubby and I still sweltering in the covered part of the bus.

The carnival was amazing as ever, and I will post about that separately, but again there was no open-top bus on the way home and I spent the whole journey paranoid that the teen would be ill again as it was so uncomfortable.  I swear that bus stopped at every single stop on the way home too!

I have no doubt that he would have been fine if it had been an open-top bus as advertised.  My hatred of buses has been reaffirmed……..never, ever, ever again!


20 thoughts on “When Days Out Go Wrong”

  1. Oh no thats one thing i struggle to deal with sick!! lol! Such a shame they didnt have an open top bus as advertised for you and the kids but atleast you had a fab day afterwards! xx

  2. Oh no, i can just imagine! Elle gets really bad travel sickness. Anything over 30 mins is a big no no. We were heading in my mums car last year to the sea side. I heard a “i’m going to be sick” and before i could so anything, she projectiled everywhere and even hit my mums partner (who was driving) and the steering wheel! I am dreading our 4 hour drive for our holiday next weekend!!!!!

  3. That was a memory for the teen, one to cherish later on. It might now seem like that now but usually you remember those things and laugh and say, but we had so much fun the rest of the day.
    Footnote: I hate busses too!


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