What to buy a tween boy for their birthday

Kylo Ren Pop Vinyl

Isaac’s 10th birthday is fast approaching and we have got to the stage where he is fast outgrowing the need and want for toys.

At almost 10, Isaac has a clear definition of what he likes and dislikes which has made present buying tricky, especially for friends and relatives.

I find buying presents for girls much easier at this age, as they tend to love getting clothes, shoes, beauty accessories etc, whereas boys often seem to act much younger.

So what do you buy a tweenage boy for his birthday?


LEGO is still a huge deal in Isaac’s life, but gone is the want for smaller, easy sets. Last year he saved his Christmas money, birthday money and with our help out it towards the Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ set.

Ghostbuster HQ

This year he wants to go even bigger and get the LEGO Death Star – he had a LOT more saving to do, but it does keep them occupied for weeks!!


Toys have gone by the wayside, but he still loves his superheroes, Star Wars and Doctor Who.

Kylo Ren Pop Vinyl

Pop Vinyl figures make a fun, unique and quirky gift and look fab displayed on shelving units in kids bedrooms.

An Experience Day

Isaac adores animals and has aspirations to be a zookeeper one day, so what better than a Zookeeper for a Day experience at a zoo or animal park.

Marwell Zoo Evolution Hub

Marwell as the closest one to us and gives children time with their trained staff in preparing food and enrichment for their animals, mucking out their enclosures and then meeting and feeding some of them behind the scenes.


Like may boys his age, Isaac loves playing games on his games console and having got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas he is keen to build his games collection.

Nintendo Switch

Two of the newest games for it are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Kirby: Star Allies and of course he wants both.

Young Driver Experience

Isaac’s older brother did a Young Driver Experience with Admiral and now Isaac is turning 10, he can do one too. I know he is itching to get behind the wheel and research shows that early driving experience cuts road accidents by 40%.

Admiral Young Driver

Do you have a tween at home……….what do they want for their birthday?

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