What kit do you need when you join a Swim Club?

Swim Club

Isaac started swimming with a swim club back in January last year and the improvement in his swimming has been outstanding.

What no-one does warn you when you join a swimming club, is just how much the extra’s are. I was expecting the monthly fees, but on top of this are annual membership fees for Swim England, the equipment the kids are expected to have and race / gala fees.

Last month, Eliza was awarded her 800m swimming badge and is now an ASA Level 7 swimmer and as she has been wanting to join Isaac at a swimming club for some time, I let her do a trial.

Eliza Swim Certificate

She got in to the club and has now started swimming with her big brother, which means a second lot of equipment and fees, but it has been well worth it for the smiles on her face. She even dived off the blocks on her first lesson!!

What equipment you need when starting club swimming


Finding the right goggles can be a challenge. They need to fit correctly, not leak and of course look good. I would recommend having a couple of pairs, one for training and one for racing.

Vorgee Goggles

We have tried a few brands now, but Isaac’s favourite are his Vorgee Goggles which offer a unique UltraLight gasket and frame that weighs less and in turn provides less pressure on the face and around the eyes for a more comfortable fit.

Vorgee Goggles Eliza

The curved Ultra vision lens provides amazing clarity with wide angled vision and the quick fit strap adjustment makes them easy to get on for more time in the pool – this is a must especially with young swimmers that continually fiddle with them.


A kickboard helps improve balance and body position in the water and is also used to practice kick strokes and improve and build leg strength and endurance.

Training Fins

Probably Isaac’s favourite part of training is Fin Training. These increase ankle flexibility and create water resistance to increase your muscle strength in the lower body. Swimming with fins propels you through the water faster, as if you were racing, but the added buoyancy of fins means that they will help you to keep your legs and overall body position higher in the water – great for butterfly training!

Swimming Gala

Pull Buoy

A Pull Buoy is a swim fitness training aid that sits comfortably between the legs to increase upper body strength and helps to bring your hips higher up in the water and teaches your body to swim more horizontal and streamlined which increases efficiency, speed and endurance.

Swim Hat

Most clubs will have their own design, but for training you can wear one of your own choice. I would recommend a silicone one for durability.

Swimming Gala

Drinks Bottle

Keeping hydrated throughout your training is absolutely key to maintain your energy levels and prompt a healthy recovery.

Mesh Bag

Mesh Bag

Swim Mesh Bags are perfect for holding all the kit you need. You can fit kickboards, pull buoys, drinks bottles and fins in them, plus they have excellent drainage and ventilation to ensure the equipment stays in good condition.

I have to admit I paid over-the-odds for Isaac’s swim kit, but with Eliza I knew exactly what we needed and found the best deals on SimplySwim.com, plus got 5.25% cashback from Top Cashback, for extra savings.

Just Sebby to go now, but have a few years grace as he has only just completed Puddleducks Level 4!

Vorgee Goggles Seb

Disclaimer: I was sent Vorgee Goggles for Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian a purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own


15 thoughts on “What kit do you need when you join a Swim Club?

  1. Swimming club sounds like so much fun! Learning to swim is so important! It’s an amazing skill for sure!

  2. Learning to swim is so essential for safety let alone anything else. Its great that you’ve got all of the essentials for your children xxx

  3. Tanya says:

    I think learning to swim is such an important skill and it’s such fun for kids too. So helpful to know all the important pieces of kit they would need

  4. Laura says:

    Loved this post as both my boys doing swimming lessons and even though they are not ready to join a club yet they will be at some point and it’s so true you really don’t think of the extra costs so having some idea is fantastic, especially when it comes to budgeting and saving beforehand

    Laura x

  5. Many congratulations to your daughter for doing so well at her swimming lessons. All the accessories are so good.

  6. Rachel says:

    Great informative post, swimming with the right kit is so important! xo

  7. Stephanie says:

    My friends child joined a swim club and I was surprised by what extra stuff you need! They are doing brilliant with their swimming

  8. Eva Katona says:

    We do need to join a swim club soon, my son has just turned four so probably he’s ready for it! this looks perfect.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    That’s a lot of extra kit, but so worth it if they enjoy the sport. Our middle child goes fencing, and omg the kit is so expensive!

  10. Alison Rost says:

    It’s so nice for the kids to join a swim club, it keeps them active and they’ll definitely enhance their swimming skills. It’s good to make sure that they have everything they need too!

  11. Oh my, you’ve brought me back to my youth. I was part of a swimming club until aged 12 when secondary school got in the way. I remember the early morning training before school and then afternoon training, not to mention 2 hours a day, 5 times a week during the summer! But I loved every second of it and would love my son to swim as confidentially as his mum! Time will tell.

  12. I need to get the swim googles for the kids. Think they need them.

  13. I think learning to swim is a life skill all children should have and it’s great to see your children doing so well!

  14. Sonia Cave says:

    Ah they are doing so well! Our daughter is in swim club level now, but as she doesn’t like competing we avoid those fees, and the we are here that she can just do the training. Our boys adore their swim lessons and it is so important for them especially as children outnumber adults in this house!!

  15. Helen says:

    Swimming club is such a good thing for children to do as a life skill. I have fond memories of going to my local swimming club as a child 🙂

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