The Vosene Kids Swimming Challenge


Back in February Vosene Kids challenged us to take part in their ‘New Year, New Challenges’ campaign which was aimed at parents and children achieving new milestones, which are so important in those early years. From learning to swim, tying their shoelaces or even washing their own hair, Vosene Kids want to help celebrate all of the important steps in your little one’s growth.

I was sent a fun-filled pack of items to help encourage Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian to try something new, which included colourful charts and a diary to help them see their progress over the weeks.

Vosene Kids

Within the pack there was Vosene Kids Afterswim Hair & Body Wash and the Squeaky Clean Range, which included their 3in1 shampoo and conditioning defence spray to help achieve tangle-free, shiny hair while also preventing your little ones hair from head lice.

As we were going to be testing out the Afterswim I decided on a swimming challenge for each of them:

  • Isaac had to earn his 400m badge within 4 weeks
  • Eliza had to earn her 10m badge within 4 weeks
  • Sebastian had to swim with catamarans (a woggle under each arm)

Isaac earned his 200m badge in January and is a really strong swimmer so he was keen to get going on his challenge. His swimming teacher Ruth is brilliant with him and was confident he could do it straight away, which he did, so we upped his challenge to 600m.

Eliza had major water wobbles last summer and although she is happy and confident in the water again, she has yet to earn a distance badge and tends to give up and put her feet down, much to our frustration.

Sebastian adores swimming but put a woggle under each arm and he refuses to swim, so this was our biggest challenge.

Vosene Kids Swimming Challenge

Did they do it?

Isaac didn’t bother doing 600m, he went straight to 800m!!!

Eliza didn’t just do 10m, she kept going and did 20m without stopping and putting her feet down!

Sebby not only swam with catamarans but enjoyed it too!

I think having targets really worked, especially for Isaac and Eliza and we are already working on our next ones for them. Isaac is now working on his speed so he can take part in swimming gala’s and Eliza’s next target is 50m.

Vosene Kids Swimming Challenge


Vosene Kids Gentle to Skin Afterswim Hair & Body Wash combines the trusted Vosene Kids formula with Aromaguard™ technology to gently clean, moisturise and remove chlorine, salt and other impurities after a visit to the pool leaving our little dippers with healthy-looking, soft and conditioned hair and skin. It smells delicious and no more chlorine smelling small people when we leave for home.

The Vosene Kids leave-in spray is also perfect for Eliza and detangles and smooths her hair which knots easily. The clinically proven formula also helps to prevent head lice, using natural ingredients such as citronella and tea tree oil and smells yummy.

13 thoughts on “The Vosene Kids Swimming Challenge

  1. That’s amazing well done guys!!! Little Bean and Beanie Boy are both doing extremely well with their swimming but I do wish I could just get Jelly Bean into the pool, he just screams the place down whenever I try to put his feet into the pool 🙁
    Sabina @MummyMatters recently posted…Do you know the power of product colour?My Profile

  2. aww I love it when little ones enjoy swimming. Its such an important life skill. Luckily both mine were water babies

  3. What a great idea to have those challenges. Well done for your kids for doing more than required. And the product sounds really good, 🙂 x
    A Moment with Franca recently posted…Sisterhood of the World Bloggers TagMy Profile

  4. Good one kiddies! You must have been so proud of them for smashing their targets. Kat x

  5. Wow, well done to all of them! I’m trying to take Toby swimming a few more times before baby arrives, not sure how I’ll cope with taking two under twos on my own once she’s here though!xx
    Hannah Budding Smiles recently posted…My Top 10 Blog Peeves // Room 101: BloggingMy Profile

  6. Cliona says:

    So brilliant that they did really well with their challenges! Sounds like they really love swimming and being able to swim well is so important. I like the sound of the Vosene range, particularly the fact that it gently removes chlorine. Chlorine can be so harsh on the hair, mine always feels very dry after a swim.
    Cliona recently posted…Lidl Running Gear ReviewMy Profile

  7. We used to use this with all the kids at home and it worked a treat! It is great as you say to get rid of chlorine
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Blog Against Poverty With OxfamMy Profile

  8. Emma White says:

    oh have not heard of this brand for years and didn’t know they did a kids range

  9. ClearlyBex says:

    Well done kids! Its great how they are enjoying their Swimming Lessons so much. Lewis just saw Isaac with his 800m certificate and screeched! x

  10. This sounds like such a fab campaign! It’s brilliant that they smashed those targets too – I think having a challenge to try and beat is a really big motivator. I used to love getting certificates as a kid and sticking them in my scrapbook. 🙂
    Jessica Powell recently posted…Review: FabLittleBagMy Profile

  11. Joanna says:

    Well done on ur kids for doing so well wuth the challenges u gave them. I like the idea of challenging ur children.
    Joanna recently posted…Uncommongoods: Gifts with A DifferenceMy Profile

  12. Joanna says:

    Well done on ur kids for doing so well wuth the challenges u gave them. I like the idea of challenging ur children.
    Joanna recently posted…Uncommongoods: Gifts with A DifferenceMy Profile

  13. A mum showed me her Vosene shampoo after our kids’ swimming lessons last week. I asked where she got it from, but she said her mum got it for her kids. Will have a look out for them the next time we go shopping. Well done to your little ones for doing so well! 🙂 x
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…A Country Kids Post: The Graveyard SeekersMy Profile

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