Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid review

White Peacock

Back at the beginning of 2017 we were lucky enough to road test a Volvo XC90 on holiday in Scotland and both my husband and I fell in love with this practical family car.

The Volvo XC90 is classed as an SUV and has the benefit of having 7 seats as well as a decent sized boot space when all the seats are in use, unlike most 7 seater vehicles, so was the perfect car for us to take on our recent holiday to North Wales.

Volvo XC90

We managed to squeeze 3 kids, the teen and all our luggage into the car for our 5 hour journey to North Wales and back again and although it was a bit of a squeeze, everyone was comfortable and happy during the journey.

Volvo XC90

Once the luggage had been unpacked, we had much more room to spread out, with the kids taking it in turn to sit in the rear two seats.

Volvo XC90

The difference between this model and the one we tested previously is that the T8 Twin Engine is a plug-in hybrid.

Volvo XC90

The only way you would know from the outside though is by the filler flap on the passenger side front wing, T8 badging on the back and the Volvo charging cable in the boot.

Volvo XC90

The car runs in Hybrid mode by default, which automatically manages the energy stored in the battery and recharges through engine and road braking, showing you what type of energy you are using on the dashboard.

Volvo XC90

You can also save the battery for later use, or recharge the pack on the move, however, doing this will see your fuel economy plummet so it is best to charge it using the charging point. Spare charging cables are available from

Volvo XC90

The infotainment system in the central front panel allows you to control the air temperature both on the driver and passenger side, has a digital radio and sat nav option and parking cameras which give a view from above the car, not just at the rear as I have seen before.

Volvo XC90

It is using this tablet like system that you can also change your Hybrid engine settings, activate the heated steering wheel and control the massage facility in the two front seats (perfect for when you have just climbed a mountain).

Volvo XC90

Driving a Hybrid doesn’t feel any different to driving another car, apart from the fact that it is much quieter – almost silent, however, the T8 performs exactly like any other XC90 when you need to accelerate and handled brilliantly on the Welsh mountain roads as it did on the motorway. For a big car, its steering is light and there’s lots of grip and traction thanks to its four-wheel-drive system.

Volvo XC90

Because the Hybrid system eats into the space normally taken up by the fuel tank in conventional XC90’s, this car has a smaller 50-litre capacity which meant we had to fill up more than we expected to, however, we didn’t charge it as had no access to a charging point during our holiday.

Volvo XC90

Another feature of the car we loved was the sunroof, which can either be tilted open or opened back to really let the fresh air in.

Volvo XC90 Peacock

The XC90 also has lots of clever technology fitted as standard to help avoid crashes, including IntelliSafe, a system that warns of hazards ahead and brakes for you if needed, it can brake and steer itself if it senses you’ve left the road and it can even drive itself with pilot assist technology, which is the most bizarre experience but great if you are sat in heavy traffic.

Volvo XC90

For those wanting to know if it passes the three car seat challenge – it doesn’t quite, however, with the children’s accessory pack, it has integrated booster cushion which conveniently folds up to provide safe and comfortable seating for children over 3 years on the middle seat, which would be perfect for us as Isaac only uses a booster now.

Volvo XC90

We are looking to replace our ageing cars and the Volvo XC90 is now top of the list as we have found some brilliant leasing offers on it.

Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 price start from £52,135 for an entry level model and prices rise depending on specs.

Disclaimer: We borrowed the Volvo XC90 T8 for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

45 thoughts on “Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid review

  1. SimonG says:

    Like the car, love the blue peacock! Looks like a hybrid as well.

  2. Jessica says:

    This car looks amazing!! Soo roomy! Plus it’s sporty and stylish! I love it!

  3. Melanie williams says:

    Looks like there is plenty of space in the boot which is always good xx

  4. Your boot looks like ours when we go away! It looks like a great family car – so spacious!

  5. This auto is perfect for the family has 5 members or more. This is the auto I like for us but for now its just a dream only .

  6. Wow, the boot looks huge. Perfect for family trips or days out.

  7. natalie says:

    Oh this car looks fab!! We always need lots of boot space for all our adventures!

  8. Blown away by how much space this car has, yet it isn’t too oversized. 10/10 would definitely own a hybrid like this!

  9. Emmy says:

    What a beautiful car! The whole side camera thing is crazy. This would be the perfect size for my family.

  10. A lovely road trip with spacious comfy ride, thanks for this as love all the captures shared here. Awesome captures 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing 🙂
    siennylovesdrawing recently posted…Nature Staycation Spots @ Hulu Langat, Selangor, MalaysiaMy Profile

  11. A lovely road trip with spacious comfy ride, thanks for this as love all the captures shared here. Awesome captures 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  12. Stephanie says:

    Oh this looks a fantastic car, so much space with the seats up to. I love the birds eye view camera!!

  13. Laura Dove says:

    Ohhh I need this in my life!! With four children, a dog, and a mountain of luggage wherever we go we are fast outgrowing our car! I love how stylish this is!

  14. Suzanne says:

    What a great family car! Not a huge fan of white, as it gets dirty so easily, but the design of the SUV is spot on! 🙂

  15. Kalyan Panja says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice review of the SUV. It looks perfect for families with so much of luggage space.
    Kalyan Panja recently posted…Iceland Travel Guide – Things to Do & Places to VisitMy Profile

  16. Amy says:

    What a great car. I always wanted to buy a car like this. I have to share this with my husband to check 🙂

  17. Karin says:

    This looks like an awesome car. My husband is planning to buy a new one and this is something that he would really love.

  18. That car looks like it has a very spacious boot. I’d like to try out a hybrid car for sure
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…Planning A Route 66 USA Road TripMy Profile

  19. Rosey says:

    We recently got a new car. My son wanted a Volvo but the price was out of my range.

  20. This sounds like a great car, really spacious for larger families too x

  21. Chelle Dizon says:

    That nav option and parking cameras that lets you give a view from above the car is a really cool feature. That sounds a really amazing car!
    Chelle Dizon recently posted…Military Groomed Minus the Razor Burn and IrritationMy Profile

  22. What a great looking car. We currently have a 5 seater and I’m realising it’s much too small as the children get older. I would love a few more seats so love the look of this.

  23. sounds like a nice ride if you need the space! i’ll keep this in mind
    Jasmine Hewitt recently posted…Top 4 Best Lead Generation Ideas For Small BusinessesMy Profile

  24. Catherine says:

    Wow what a beautiful car! I can’t get used to all the technology the new cars have these days…looks like a great ride though and perfect for the family.

  25. Claire Lee says:

    What’s up with the bird? so unique! lol, about the car, looks super spacious and i love the exterior. Totally up to it

  26. Viktorija says:

    Looks like a perfect car for a family. I was never been a fan of vans… this car looks perfect! And it being a hybrid is even better!

  27. Jenni says:

    We don’t have a car and I don’t drive, so I have no clue about cars. But it looks nice and roomy for a family.

  28. Rachel says:

    looks like a perfect family car. Love the peacock photos too!

  29. bex allum says:

    This car looks stylish and has some great features. I’d love a hybrid when I upgrade my car.

  30. What a beautiful and spacious car. It looks great for trips with the family.

  31. This car sounds like a dream! Can’t believe you can see the car from above!! Way above my price range though, has my current car is only worth £500. But I can dream.

    Oh, and I love the fact that you took some painted rocks on holiday with you! LOL

  32. Rhian westbury says:

    I love the idea of a hybrid car but until they are quicker to charge and hold more charge I don’t want to invest, but definitely something for the future x

  33. Talya Stone says:

    This is such a gorgeous looking car and great that it’s Hybrid too – I can see why it’s at the top of your list for a replacement family car because it really does seem fab!

  34. Joanne says:

    Sounds like the perfect family car with plenty of room for road trips!

  35. That car is gorgeous. We are looking at a hybrid, we’ve owned one before and it was a great car. We are looking for something like this one, with a lot more class.

  36. This looks like such a spacious car, just what you need when you have a family and plenty of things to take around with you.

  37. Anosa says:

    The Volvo XC90 seems to be such a great family car, I am impressed by the boot size which is definitely bigger than mine.
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  38. Sabina Green says:

    Oooh I love it. We could do with something this size, especially when we head off on camping trips. It looks like there is plenty of room!

  39. Sarah Dee says:

    What an amazing car! It is good looking, spacious and very practical, I would say the perfect family car.

  40. oh my goodness , the tech in that car looks amazing! Definitely something i would love! i cant believe how much you fit in the back of the car!

  41. That’s a sweet car! Love the look and it seems like you can get a whole lot of stuff in there

  42. I have always been a really big fan of Volvo and this car looks amazing! I am definitely going to test one out, as we’re in the marker for a new car. It looked like there was so much space in there!

  43. Stacie says:

    That looks like a great ride! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hybrid with that much space before. I love it.
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  44. This looks like a great car and I love all the extra gadgets and tech it has too! We are currently looking for a new car that is both comfy and spacious (for all of our camping gear) and this one definitely ticks lots of those boxes!
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Finding Your Perfect Mattress With Dreams BedsMy Profile

  45. This looks so spacious. We are definitely in need of a bigger car; would totally consider a hybrid.
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