Why You Should Visit France in Winter

Le Mont St Michel

If you’re apprehensive about booking a winter break and are worried that there will be a lack of cold-weather activities, you’re wrong! There are a number of family-friendly acitivies that take place throughout the year that are perfect for everyone to enjoy. So, replace your preconceived ideas about shivering away in the mountains with daydreams about wandering around the less-crowded streets of your favourite French destination.

Less crowded


As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of travelling off-season is the opportunity to roam around your favourite locations without having to battle the crowds! Whether you’re considering a trip to the French Riviera or to Brittany, getting to soak up the sights in your own time without worry about other tourists is always an added bonus, so what are you waiting for?


Eco-Gites of Lenault

If you have children, there are often holiday restraints to due school time-tables that can prevent your from spontaneous trips, but the February half-term is the ideal time to travel this winter! With people postponing their holidays until the summer, where, in peak season, you can be facing hefty hikes in prices, selecting a typically colder month means that the availbiity of accommodation is better.

When booking a holiday, choosing somewhere that is suitable for the whole family can sometimes be a difficult task. Quality Villas has a range of accommodation that’s suitable for everyone, including a wide range of holiday villas in France. Handpick your dream villa that fits all your requirements and relax knowing that the availability over winter means that it is likely to be free for you to book!

New experiences

Omaha beach

Sometimes, when on holiday during the summer months, you can be tempted to spend your days on the beach; children playing in the waves while you relax on the beach may be one of the main factors that tempts you into booking a summer getaway, however, this often means that your time away speeds past without you experiencing anything new!

While you may be content in reclining by the pool all holiday (and there is nothing wrong with that!), visiting France in the winter months presents you with a variety of new experiences for you and the family to enjoy. Think exploring gardens and roaming the streets of a hidden village, tucked away down a side street that you’ve never noticed before. In addition to this, spending your time seeing new locations means that you can try local restaurants with new tastes and flavour sensations for you to fall in love with!

Lower airfare


If you’re finding yourself wishing to escape to somewhere new without the trip breaking the bank, then France in winter is the perfect option for you. Cheaper airfare means that you can spend more money when on your holiday, or even put aside the money that you would’ve spent on a plane ticket in the summer to go towards another holiday, because the only thing better than one holiday is two!


The Alps

Although winter and the Christmas markets that accompany November and December are no longer running, there are a number of other things that are happening across the rest of the winter. Skiing and other winter sports such as snowboarding are popular in France due to the colder climate and the heavy snowfall.

Whether you fancy yourself as a seasoned professional or are just starting out on the slopes, France is the ideal place for you to visit. With some of the most breathtaking locations to participate in the sports, you’ll soon discover why people flock to the French slopes year-after-year to glide across the snow.

Skiing France

Winter festivals

From January onwards, you and your family can expect to come across a number of winter festivals, including the Cheval Passion Horse Show in Avignon and the celebration of St Vincent in wine-growing regions such as Burgundy. With so many different events taking place, you’ll be spoilt for choice as to which ones to attend, so have a look at the list of festivals taking place near you and head on down to enjoy them!

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  1. Tim says:

    Although it’s not winter, we always try to head off during the Easter break, lots of places that are shut over winter tend to start opening during Easter and you can also get some extremely cheap deals as well. There are lots of fantastic places to visit many of which are brilliant for kids!

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