Versatile Springtime Fashion for Kids

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Finally, the days are getting longer and it is starting to warm up a bit. It feels great. Pretty soon it will be possible to once again enjoy full family days out.  So, now is the time to start getting the kids to try on their warm weather clothing and take them shopping to fill in any gaps in their wardrobes.

The right coat for the changeable weather

It is still too warm not to wear coats, especially early in the morning or in the late afternoon. Each child and you need a lightweight coat each that is waterproof and wind resistant enough to keep you dry and warm during a rain shower. You can find plenty of suitable children´s coats at Fashion World. They sell clothes for adults as well, so are a very convenient place to shop.

Search out PU coated jackets, with taped seams and adjustable cuffs. They are usually 100% waterproof and offer good protection from the wind. Yet they are lightweight enough to continue to wear when the day warms up. Most of these types of coats have built-in hoods as well, again, very handy for spring showers. For the colder days having a fleece to slip on under this type of jacket is ideal.



Hoodies are super versatile items of clothing, especially in the springtime when you never really know how warm it is going to be. Consider buying the new zip-up style hoodie/fleece crossovers that are starting to become available.

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New footwear

In the spring, trainers are a far better option than boots. They can be worn with anything and are good for all kinds of activities. Pumps are also worth considering, but, be sure to pick a pair that has been waterproofed or do it yourself. If you do not do this the first time your kids run across wet grass their new pumps will be ruined.

Once the weather starts to warm up a bit more, trekking sandals can be a great alternative. They keep the foot stable while still allowing the feet to breathe properly.

If you are going to buy your kid´s shoes online, take the time to measure their feet. This short video shows you how to do it the correct way, including how to take account of socks and growth spurts.

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Hooded tracksuits

If your kids like wearing tracksuits there are some really nice looking hooded versions available in the shops, right now. They are really versatile items of clothing. Provided the ones you buy are not too thick, your kids can easily wear the bottoms under a pair of jeans in the morning when it is cooler.

A couple of long-sleeved tops

In the spring, long-sleeved tops are usually a good idea. They are great for keeping the kids warm enough in the park. Provided you choose tops that have lose enough sleeves they can just be pushed up when it gets a bit warmer.

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However, for the really hot days, your kids are going to need a couple of short-sleeved t-shirts or sports tops. There are plenty of options. If you buy ones made from cotton they can potentially be worn under other clothes as an alternative to a vest. Cotton allows the skin to breathe helping the body to regulate its temperature as heat levels fluctuate throughout the day.

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