Vanish Gold for Whites – Challenge 2!

“You have bought a white duvet cover – have you gone mad?” was the initial comment from my husband when I came home with a new duvet cover for our bed to go with our freshly decorated bedroom.

I went into John Lewis with the intention of buying a toaster with a voucher I had been given, but this duvet caught my eye as soon as I walked in the door. Thankfully fate was on my side and the toaster I was going to buy was out of stock, so the bedding went in my basket instead.

Having new bedding instantly transforms a drab looking room and suddenly our bedroom seemed more bright and airy, but the question was would it stay white.

Earlier this year Vanish challenged me to see if Vanish Gold Oxi Action really did make whites three shades whiter I was more than up for the challenge.

They had provided me a rather grey looking shirt which looked the same colour as our “white” school shirts, a pot of Vanish Gold Oxi Action and challenged me to see if I could make the shirt three shades whiter. I was surprised that it did actually work and it worked its magic on a couple of Eliza’s dresses too.

The question is, would it work on a keeping a king size duvet cover white when just added to the washing machine?

Vanish Gold For Whites

The answer is yes!

I was concerned that the embroidered blue flowers would fade, but they remain as bright as ever and the white is crisp and bright. The vanish has also been worth its weight in gold when the unthinkable happened and we had a nappy leak on the lovely white duvet.

Vanish Gold for whites is now a permanent weapon in my washing armoury as I have also noticed a marked improvement on the kids school shirts too.

10 thoughts on “Vanish Gold for Whites – Challenge 2!”

  1. i always wondered if this actually worked and now i know it does I am going to buy some. Perfect for socks and my sons school shirts! it is amazing how quick they can lose their colour

  2. I will definitely give this a go, I have a lovely white duvet with a beautiful ‘pencil’ design on it, would be great to get it looking white again!


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