Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Couple Who (Seem to) Have It All


Picking out an exceptional anniversary gift that’ll thrill both halves of a couple is no easy feat. After all, no one wants to be responsible for that gift that’ll sit at the back of the wardrobe forever.

So, what do you do when you’re faced with buying a spectacular anniversary present for a best friend or parent that already seems to have everything? Easy — just consult this list of unique anniversary gifts for the couple who has it all!

A Milestone Gift

Did you know that every anniversary is traditionally marked by a set theme? A milestone gift is a great way of reminding the couple just how many amazing years they’ve spent together. It also ensures that even if you’re not the first person to buy them silverware, your gift will still have special and lasting significance. This list shows you which theme represents your couple’s special day and should help spur some creative gift ideas.  

Charitable Donation

If the couple you’re buying for already seems to have every cool gadget or lovely decoration known to man, consider making a charitable donation on their behalf. Not only will it help a good cause, but it’ll also leave you all feeling good about your contribution.

Many charities will even give you a card or letter describing what your donation has bought, such as new school books or a village well. This means you’ll have something uplifting and tangible to give the couple along with your well wishes on the big day.

Experience Gifts

Your special couple might already have all the material things they need, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a unique gift. Experience gifts are great for couples who love to try new things and could desperately use more time together. From sky-diving to cooking classes or salsa lessons, you’re bound to find an activity that suits their personalities. You’ll also be contributing to strengthening their beautiful union, as studies show that couples who attend classes together are more likely to stay together.

Babysitting Services

One major issue couples can have when trying to celebrate an anniversary is what to do with the kids.

If your couple is dying for a night away or a fancy dinner at their favourite restaurant, one of the best gifts you can possibly give them is your time. It can be difficult to secure a trustworthy and reliable babysitter. By stepping in for the night, you’ll ensure that the parents don’t waste even a minute of date night worrying about whether the kids are in safe hands.

Something Uniquely You

If kids aren’t in the picture, babysitting isn’t the only service you can offer the couple. Think outside the box and lend one of your talents to the couple as a gift. Are you a great artist? Do a caricature of the couple that’ll leave them in stitches. A competent cook? Offer to make them a romantic meal for two. Maybe you’ve got a green thumb? Help them create a serene new area in the garden to hang out.

A gift of your time and some precious new memories are worth more than anything material you could buy them.

It isn’t easy picking out an anniversary present for the couple that has everything. But with these ideas and a twist of your own, you should be well on your way to planning an anniversary present that will blow even the pickiest couple away.

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