A trip on the Noddy Train at Hengistbury Head

Do you have a memory from childhood of a day out that stays with you even in adulthood?

I do!

Every year I used to visit my great Auntie Kathleen and Uncle Len who lived in Christchurch and they used to take me for cream teas in the New Forest and into Bournemouth to play in the arcades, but my favourite ever day out with them was a trip on the Noddy Train at Hengistbury Head – we even saw the driver have to remove an adder from the engine once.

Hengistbury Head is a protected and beautiful location which sports a huge array of wildlife and many scenic walks, but they can be quite tiring, especially for little legs.  The land train (known as the Noddy Train to us locals) promises a tranquil ride though the woodland at the base of the headland on a tarmac road so the ride isn’t uncomfortable – that said it is very bouncy in places, much to the kids delight.

Although we have been to Hengistbury Head with Isaac and Eliza we hadn’t taken them on the Noddy Train before.  With Sebastian adoring trains and glorious weather to boot we decided to head out there, roping in Abbey and her boyfriend Paul to help as hubby was working.

The Noddy Train

There are two land trains which run every 15 minutes so we didn’t have long to wait.  The journey takes about 10 minutes with stunning views over Christchurch Harbour and Mudeford Quay.  You get dropped off on Mudeford Spit where you can enjoy the beach, or walk up the steps onto the headland itself.  The beach huts here are worth more than my house and there is one currently for sale for a mere £250,000!!!

Mudeford Spit

Isaac and Eliza adored playing on the rocky groynes and there were a couple of hairy moments when a particularly big wave would roll in and threaten to splash them, whereas Sebby was happy playing in the sand dunes and finding sticks.

Hengistbury Head

We spent a good couple of hours walking along the beach taking in the stunning scenery and testing out our new selfie stick before heading back to Hengistbury Head on the Noddy Train.  No trip to the beach would be complete without an ice cream treat, even in winter!!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

22 thoughts on “A trip on the Noddy Train at Hengistbury Head”

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  2. An adder in the engine? Thats crazy!! I recall my Grandparents taking me to good old fashioned English seaside towns and walking along the promenade, having fish and chips, ice cream and playing in the amusements arcades. I hope that type of heritage doesn’t disappear in this country.

  3. Such a wonderful childhood memory and even better that you have shared this with your children. Tigger especially would love the Noddy Train, we have one that goes up and down our seafront that he loves.

  4. A perfect way to get to the beach, I can see why you would remember this. We do the same in Brighton on the little train there, I’m guessing we will be back on it next week for half term! I love the video, so much fun and great to see your older kids helping out with the little ones, it must make you very proud having them all together. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  5. I love that you have such a vivid memory and were able to pass that experience on to your little ones too. I am shocked and saddened at the price of those beach huts, it really put them out of the price range of mere mortals like us!

  6. Looks like a great beach. Lovely to see you all having fun. I thought the beach huts near us were expensive (1OK) but 250K …that is expensive as you could buy a house for that kind of money.

  7. BLIMEY at the prices of the beach hut that is 25,000 more than my house .

    Beautiful photos

    we could all run away to the sea and live in a beach hut if we all group together


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