Toto Kidogo Dwinguler Playmat Review

When I was offered a Toto Kidogo Dwinguler playmat to review I was intrigued to find out more.

Non-Toxic, waterproof, easy to clean and maintain plus eco friendly to boot, the playmats sounded like every parents dream.  They come in many different designs and in three sizes – small, medium and large and all have a lovely textured padding of 15mm.

I was sent the large one to review which measures 2300mm by 1400mm and was a little shocked when the box arrived but just how long it was.

Toto Kidogo

We got unpacking and was immediately impressed by what we found – even if it did take up half the dining / playroom.  The dwinguler playmat has bright and colourful designs on both sides so you can flip it over for different play options.

The blue side of ours features various modes of transport which is fantastic for younger children and I cannot wait to identify the vehicles with Sebastian when he is a bit older.

Isaac and Eliza however prefer the town map on the other side!

Toto Kidogo

They soon set up their cars and made up various scenarios based on the different buildings on the mat.  With playgrounds, a hospital, a church, houses, roads, train track, a river, schools, farms etc the play opportunities are endless and it’s fantastic listening to where their imaginations take them.

This mat is now a permanent fixture and has been played with daily since we received it in July.  It has hosted cars, their wooden train track, farm animals and even Eliza’s wooden dolls and dolls house.

Toto Kidogo
The mat is water resistant and has withstood a couple of spillages already, plus it is easy to clean needing just lukewarm soapy water.  
Choo Choo
Cow on the line
The playmat is suitable for use from birth and as you can see from my pictures will give the kids hours of entertainment for years to come so really is worth the investment.  The padding protects little ones from hard, cold wooden floors too and the designs are just stunning!

Dwinguler Playmat
For more information about the Dwinguler Playmat, please see the Toto Kidogo website and if you have any questions you can also find them on twitter at @totokidogouk and Facebook.

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  1. Elaine Livingstone says:

    I have started reading reviews for things like this, will need to buy stuff once the twins arrive later this year. Looks good, and a great size for 2 to share

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