Top tips to help new mums get a better quality of sleep


Pregnancy prepares you in some ways for the lack of sleep you’ll face when your baby finally makes an appearance. However, it is still a huge shock to the system. Continue reading for our top tips for how new mums can get a better quality of sleep.

Take naps

Although not recommended for other people who are struggling with sleep issues, new mums can really benefit from having naps whenever they can fit them in. If baby is asleep, ignore the washing pile and the bathroom that needs cleaning. These things can be done at a different time. Grab the sleep when you can.

Make the most of visitors

People are keen to visit when you’ve just had a baby. Don’t be afraid to make the most of these visitors though. Rather than making them a cup of tea, have the teabags and cups out ready, so they can help themselves and make you one while they’re at it. Although this might not directly help improve the quality of your sleep, it will make you feel less of a slave to everyone’s hunger and thirst! Sometimes, when we feel as though we’ve been taken advantage of, this can stop us from sleeping. We mull over what we should have said or done.

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Learn to say no

Things change when we have a child, but not everyone realises that or considers the impact of their requests on your time and workload. Maybe someone from your church has asked if you’ll bake a cake for the upcoming summer fayre or your eldest child’s school has requested that you go on the school trip. Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person. It means that you have evaluated their request and the amount of time, effort and stress it will require, leading you to a ‘no’ response. It’s absolutely natural to want to help others by volunteering or agreeing to extras, especially in a bid to be seen as more than a mum. However, it will not help you to get the rest you require.

Upgrade your bed

Being able to find comfort and peace in your bed is vital. If you’ve had your mattress for over eight years, it may be time for a replacement. Before ordering, check out this showcase of mattress sizes to ensure you have the right size for your bed. Consider the bedding you have too. It’s likely that your body temperature will be slightly higher than normal because of the hormones, so a light duvet set or even just sheets alone will help.

Relax and unwind

Fighting the urge to check social media once the baby is finally asleep can be a huge challenge, but it is really important. You need to make the most of the time you get. Use of your phone for social media, gaming or sending emails can make the brain active again and prevent you from easily falling to sleep. Try a few simple stretches to fully unwind and you ought to be able to fall asleep much more readily. 

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