Top Gift Ideas for Grandparents to buy for a new baby


You have found out you are going to be a Grandparent and quite naturally you want to help your son / daughter with some of the paraphernalia that you need when welcoming a new baby into the family.

The thing is, times have changed since you last had a baby and what we may have done 20+ years ago is very different to what is recommended now.

We are on countdown until our first grandchild arrives in the family in December and I have been busy buying some baby essentials for when she arrives.

Top Gift Ideas for Grandparents to buy for a new baby


We all know that co-sleeping is not recommended by health professionals, but in reality, sometimes it is the only way of getting some much needed shut-eye.

One thing I wish had been available when I had my kids is the Snuzpod – a crib which attaches to the side of your bed, which keeps baby beside you safely.


The Grobag was a revelation to me when I had my younger children.

Gro Bag

A Grobag is a baby sleeping bag, which you zip them in to. It is safe, warm and no more kicking the covers off!!

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitors have changed substantially, even since Sebastian came along 6 years ago.

EUFY Baby Monitor Review

One that has really caught my eye is the eufy Security SpaceView Video Baby Monitor.

It comes with a wide-angle lens and a large 5″ 720p display, so you can see what is going on in baby’s room, a high-capacity 2900mAh rechargeable battery which provides 15-hour monitoring and an impressive 460ft-coverage area, which keeps you connected in real-time wherever you are in your home.

There is also built-in microphone and speaker give you direct communication to your baby.

The eufy Space View Baby Monitor has an RRP of £169.99 and is available from Amazon.

Ewan the Dream Sheep

Getting a new baby their first teddy is a right of passage for a grandparent, so why not get one that will help baby sleep.

Ewan the Dream Sheep is not only a cute and cuddly soft toy but he replicates the comfort of the womb with a selection of soothing sounds, including actual recordings of Mum’s womb and heartbeat, to help lull your newborn or toddler into a peaceful slumber.

Available in Purple and Grey with an RRP of £29.99


Bathtime can be tricky, especially with a slippery newborn and I learned very quickly that you need to have everything open and to hand before you start.

The Smart Baby Towel from Baby to Love protects parents clothes from getting drenched during bath time by attaching like an apron around the neck, allowing you to keep both hand on the baby at all times.

Each Smart Baby Towel comprises of 2 towels stitched together to provide 2-3 times more absorbency than a regular towel.

Available in three stunning designs; blue stripes, pink hearts or white stars. The Smart Baby Towel is available at for £32.95


Do you remember doing battle with parasols and sunshades when your kids were little?

When I had Sebby I cam across the perfect solution to shade him from the sun – the Snoozeshade.

Snoozeshade is a sun and sleep shade designed for use with babies and toddlers that fits all single prams, pushchairs, travel systems and buggies, plus double, carseat and even travel cot version are available too.

The double layer of fabric removes both distractions, to help baby sleep, blocks 97.5% of the suns UV rays (UPF40+) and allows cool air to flow inside the pram / buggy.

Why not head over to my amazon shop for more baby gift ideas and must haves –

Disclaimer: We are owners or have been sent some of the items on this list for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

13 thoughts on “Top Gift Ideas for Grandparents to buy for a new baby

  1. Stephanie says:

    Some lovely ideas here, the snoozepod is such a great idea for babies. Wish I had one with my twins!

  2. Kim says:

    The essentials always make the best gifts in my opinion. I absolutely love to receive gifts that I can use especially as a new parent when you may not have thought about everything that is needed for the new addition to your family. I love the idea of giving things like Baby Towel and Baby Monitors.
    Kim recently posted…How To Get Breastmilk Back After StoppingMy Profile

  3. Serin says:

    What a lovely post! And definitely agree with all of these, so useful!

  4. Fantastic list of products for a new baby. I had a snuzpod with my second baby and highly recommend it. I’m currently expecting my third baby and my mum has bought a Ewan dream sheep to give to baby.

  5. Great ideas. It can be hard for grandparents to know what to buy, as it was a long time since they were parents.

  6. Some fabulous ideas here on your page, as a mum myself I totally agree that these are great gifts for grandparents to get for a new parents or the baby itself


    These are all fantastic ideas and super useful items. Thee is so much too chose from these days it’s great. We are literally spoilt for choice.

  8. Laura Dove says:

    Fab ideas here! I know for the most part my friends, and myself, have been lucky that the grandparents have bought larger item such as the pram or cot. It really helps!

  9. Kira says:

    Great gift ideas . The snuzpod was my absolute saviour with Nila . It wasn’t around with the older two . Absolutely loved it

  10. Rhian Westbury says:

    Some lovely ideas, the little sleeping bag looks so cute and you’re right there’s no chance they’ll kick off their covers in the night x

  11. Claire says:

    These are such great suggestions. Every time I see baby stuff now, I am astounded by how much things have changed and got better. Its been 12 years since I was buying baby things!

    Grobags though were and still are the best thing I bought!

  12. Charli says:

    There are some great ideas in here. I’m currently compiling a list of what my mother and mother-in-law can buy for us so I may refer them to this!
    C x

  13. Laura says:

    The snoozeshade is my favourite item here, I can see this being something we would use, especially to keep wasps and flies away, something we had a job with doing on days out this year…such a pain.
    Laura x

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