Top 3 Conception Tips To Help You Get Pregnant

How exciting! You and your partner are trying for a baby. The magic of childbirth and creating a new life is a feeling like no other in this world, but getting there can often be a long and painful process for some couples and then once you are, there is so much to get done before the baby  arrives

If like many happy couples across the globe you are struggling to conceive, then read on for our top three suggestions to help you get pregnant. What is most important is to remain patient and to persevere – you will get there.

1. Don’t Let Sex Become A Chore

Keeping the romance alive is key to helping you get pregnant. Remember, when you finally conceive and eventually give birth, there will be far fewer opportunities to have this much sex. So, while you’re both young and hungry for each other, do your best to keep that fire alive and enjoying the time you currently have for intimacy while you still can. Sex is the fun part of conception – so don’t let it become a chore if you aren’t getting a positive test straightaway! 

As sexual partners, you must continue flirting, dating, and enjoying each other like back when you first met – no matter how many years ago that was. Don’t let the romance die out and then, not only will you be having better sex but more of it, thereby increasing your chances of conception.

2. Look After Your Health

Maintaining a healthy body is going to stand you in good stead when trying to get pregnant. It’s advisable to seriously reduce your alcohol intake to one or two units a week and, that if you smoke, to quit that habit altogether. 

Staying at a healthy weight is crucial too. Make sure your diet is packed with nutrition and well-balanced as this will keep you in tip-top condition. While losing weight might be necessary for you, try to avoid doing strenuous workouts to achieve this, as too much high-intensity exercise can interfere with ovulation, which will only hamper your chances of conception.

3. Knowing When’s Best

Track your menstrual cycle so you know when you are at your most fertile and therefore most likely to conceive. It’s important to have the most sex during these periods, at least every other day, to ensure you are maximising on this window of opportunity. That’s roughly six days to have as much sex as you can! There are even smartphone apps to help you track this sort of thing if you’re not one for being organised.

If you are still struggling to conceive, then you may need to consider whether you or your partner are struggling with infertility – it’s surprisingly more common than you think! Fortunately, there are solutions such as IVF that can help to remedy this situation – but it is patience that is key here. If you and your partner are prepared to take the necessary steps, then you will eventually get there. In the meantime, follow this handful of helpful tips and enjoy your time procreating.

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