Tonka Tiny Blind Garages Collectibles

There are a plethora of collectible toys for little girls out there, but not many for boys.

Isaac is busy collecting Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards but apart from toy dinosaurs, there was nothing out there for Sebastian to collect………until now.

Introducing Tonka Tinys!

With Tonka tinys, all of your favourite Tonka vehicles are now available in miniature!

This exciting new line from Tonka offers all of their iconic rescue, construction, and urban vehicles in awesome tiny versions.

Tonka Tinys

Every free-wheeling vehicle is crafted with attention to detail and looks just like the real thing!

They are great for travelling as you can store the car in its garage and pack it in a bag so Sebby has something to play with on the go. It is lightweight and fun……..just beware of them putting the cars down again as it can be a nightmare to find such a tiny toy when the kids cannot remember where they had it last.

One thought on “Tonka Tiny Blind Garages Collectibles

  1. these look fab – I remember playing with the big tonka toys when I was little!

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