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Surely you are lounging in the summer sunshine and enjoying the weather at the moment – especially with zero to minimal heating costs. Natural heat is what it’s all about right now! However, before you know it, winter will be here, and you’ll be sweating out those high energy heat bills. So why not make hay whilst the sun shines (literally!) and get cracking on how to cut back heating costs in the midst of a cold, freezing winter?

Bundle up

Yes, we know this is an evident one. However, do you actually practice it at home when the temperatures drop drastically? We did not think so. You see, it is human nature to ignore the obvious. This coming winter bundle up in your favourite sweater, jacket, socks and pyjamas at home and see just how high you turn up the heating. Hopefully, not too high?

Let’s get cooking

Get that old pan out and whip up a good ol’ Shepherd’s pie to warm up your house (and yourself!) Moving around will keep you warm as will the actual baking and cooking warm up your home with the kitchen and oven heat. 

Change your energy company

Hey mate, do your homework! There could be some wicked energy deals out there just waiting for you to tap into. You could enjoy some significant savings by switching your energy supplier company. We are talking hundreds of pounds!

Install cavity wall insulation

Depending on your package, you could get cavity wall insulation installed for free and save up from ninety to two hundred and seventy five pounds. This will vary as based on the kind of property that you dwell in.

Obtain loft insulation

There is a strong possibility that you can enjoy a discounted installation rate on loft insulation or even get it for absolutely free from most of the “Big Six” energy company suppliers. You may have to answer a few questions to see if you qualify. Just get an installer to visit your property and to see if loft insulation can be installed. If yes, then the whole process will not take more than a day.

Get underfloor insulation

Live in an older property with suspended floors? Chances are that heat escapes from your floor more, so you may want to check out underfloor insulation. New homes and buildings usually have polystyrene insulation a few inches under the surface of the concrete floor. For your property (if older), then just add an insulating layer such as polyfoam or fibreboard under the carpet or floor covering. If there’s a hatch under your floor boards, you can go underneath and install it yourself and save some precious quid!

Lower your thermostatic radiator valve

When you switch on your thermostatic radiator valve, start it at a low heat and then turn it up as the room warms up. This will depend on how good your boiler is. Click here to find out about how you can get a great deal on some of the best boilers available in the market.

Invest in a high end heating oil for your boiler

Did you know that there are approximately four million homes in the country that own oil boilers? Yes, that’s right. They are not connected to the country’s gas network. If you are one of these souls, then we recommend that you know what kind of oil you are putting in your beloved boiler. 

You see mate, there are two different kinds of oils available for boilers: kerosene and gas oil. The former has its fans as it is a “cleaner” and lighter fuel. It will not shape into crystals to halt the oil’s smooth flow of movement. You may want to contemplate procuring a premium type of kerosene which has additives that allow it to burn more efficiently. This may cost you twenty to thirty quid more per five hundred litres but will be worth it!

Of course, you could always go out and buy additives yourself. You could get a thousand litres for fifteen quid. 

Service your boiler

Don’t understand what’s happening with your boiler? Ahh don’t worry. It probably just needs some tender loving care with a bit of servicing. We hope that you get it checked annually so you are able to maintain it. Remember a proper service will take almost an hour. 

Buy a new boiler

My friend, is your boiler more than twelve years old? If yes, it’s time to goodbye to it! 

Just hit the market and you will see that the latest boiler models are extremely energy efficient as compared to their predecessors. You will save a lot of money in the long run after getting a new one. 

Get an energy check for your home

Open your laptop or tablet and open your browser. Navigate your way to the Energy Saving Trust website to do a home energy check. The best part? It’s for free! You will acquire a free report that will outline how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency in a budgeted manner. 

Hug a warm bottle of water

We are not joking – this actually tends to work! Fill your bottle at the same time you desire a cup of tea. This way you will not fill your kettle twice and waste your time in boiling water. 

Just cuddle with this and you will not need to buy an electric blanket nor crank up the heater at night. Brilliant, is it not?

Get double and triple glazing

Windows with double or triple glazing tend to maintain heat within the premises. You will not have to turn up the heater temperature in order to keep your home at a comfortable, warm temperature. Think about it this way: you will not be bothered by the street noises coming from outside on that busy Friday night. 

Keep the doors closed

Why does your mother keep telling you to close that pesky door? To keep the draft out and the heating in! Keeping the doors shut in your property will not only keep the heat in but will halt cold air from spreading into other rooms.

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