Tips for Adding Some Fun to Your Business Travel


When it comes to business, there are a lot of things that are designed and intended specifically for business use. For example, the business tools that your company uses have a specific purpose, and they cannot always be used to perform another function. Businesses require structure and discipline to function well and grow as needed; however, not everything has to be all business all the time. For example, you can add some fun and make your business trips more enjoyable than they otherwise might be.

Business travel can be exciting for those who haven’t travelled before, but after a few trips, it gets old fast. Being away from home, having a structured schedule that needs to be followed, and long hours driving or flying from destination to destination will take their toll on travellers quickly. If you’re someone who enjoys traveling, then perhaps the excitement doesn’t wear off so quickly, but after a few hours on a plane with a crying baby or a long taxi ride in stop and go traffic, even you probably get sick of traveling and are ready to head back home. Business travel doesn’t have to be as serious and structured as many might think it has to be, though.

Here are just a few ways that you can add some fun to your business trip and make it more enjoyable:

Ask for an Extra Day or Two to Use as Vacation

If you’re going to be travelling somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, know and love the area, or need a vacation, why not ask for an extra couple of days to enjoy spending on your own? Once you’ve finished up your business, you can adventure out and sight see, try the local cuisine, and attend local events. While the company won’t likely pay for you to vacation, it probably won’t put them out to book your return flight a day or two later, giving you the chance to have those extra days to spend how you want.

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Stay in an Airbnb Instead of a Hotel

61 percent of tourists say they will choose an Airbnb instead of opting to stay in a hotel. Even if you’re traveling for business, it’s something you might want to consider too. Staying in an Airbnb gives you the opportunity to see the city from a different point of view, enjoy the comforts of being at home, and have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to meals, (since you can prep your own), and amenities.

Go Off the Beaten Path

While you may be on a tight schedule when traveling for business, you can still find time to enjoy your location by traveling to your destination via routes that are off the beaten path. You can take an Uber and ask them to take the most scenic route, or instead of stopping at a McDonald’s for a quick lunch, ask your host where the best place to eat is. Even on a schedule, you can find time to go the unique ways of the city and enjoy the culture that it has to offer.


Invite the Family Along

Fewer and fewer families travel together each year. In years prior, families would travel to international destinations, but because of busy schedules and different obligations, it can sometimes be hard to find the time to get everyone in the car or on a plane and head off to a vacation destination for a few weeks. But if you are going to have to travel for work, why not try turning it into a family vacation as well? While your company won’t likely pay for your entire family to travel to where you have to go, having them there to adventure with in your downtime will make the trip much more enjoyable and give everyone the chance to explore and enjoy somewhere new.


Make Time to See Someone You Know

If you are travelling for work and happen to be headed somewhere near somebody you know, or to a city in which you have family or friends, making time to see them can make the trip much more enjoyable. You may be on a tight schedule, but after work, you might be able to meet up for drinks or could even stay at their house. Either way, finding even just a little bit of time to see someone you know and care about will help the trip be more enjoyable and give you something to look forward to.

Attend a Local Event

Every city has something going on, no matter what time of year. Whether you’re travelling nationally or will be heading to a city outside of your country, finding and attending a local event will give you a great break from your work and help you enjoy the culture, even if you don’t have time for much else while you’re traveling for business. There are multiple apps you can use to find local events and stuff to do no matter where you are, so you’ll always have something to do, even when you’re out of town.

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Final Thoughts

Travelling for business can be taxing and exhausting, but there are ways to make it more enjoyable. For example, you could bring the family along or extend your trip for a much-needed vacation. How do you like to make your business trips more fun?

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