Thunderbirds are Go with the Supersize Thunderbird 3!!

At 3½, Sebastian is starting to move away from Cbeebies, influenced by his big brother and is particularly fond of Dangermouse and Thunderbirds.

Now he can take his very own missions into space as we were sent the Supersize Thunderbird 3 Playset to review.

If I am honest, it is a bit fiddly to set up, requiring a tiny crosshead screwdriver to be able to add the batteries and fill up the water tank, but once done we were ready to play.


I have to say that the playset is genius as when you place TB3 in launch mode, you not only hear the countdown sequence play out but smoke begins to billow from the rocket allowing you to blast off into space.


With flight sensors, TB3 knows when it’s in launch, flight or drill mode. TB3 also comes with extendable grasping’s arms and a moving space drill.

It is supposed to come with 2 mini-figures but sadly they seem to be missing in our box, but we did manage to access TB3’s cockpit.

This TB3 playset is 48.5cm tall land packed full of features including smoke, lights and action & rescue sounds so is the perfect gift for any young Thunderbirds fan, and get it quick as it is an absolute steal at the moment at just £16.96 instead of £49.99

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