The Smart Guide To Keeping Close With Faraway Family


It used to be that most extended families lived within walking distance of one another. If you didn’t then you were the exception to the rule. However, this is no longer the case, and more and more families are spread out across the entire globe. The good news that this doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationships have to suffer. In fact, there are plenty of strategies that can help you stay emotionally close even when your family is geographically far away. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Pick up the phone 

Before we get into all the new-fangled video tech and other options that are now on offer, it’s worth mentioning that a simple phone call can work wonders if you are missing your family. 

While you may not have time to sit down and complete an hour-long video call, using your phone to give a loved one a ring as you walk to work or complete chores around the house can be the perfect solution. 

Of course, if you choose to use this tactic, be sure that you use a phone plan that includes free international minutes. Otherwise, you could end up with an expensive bill. 

Be sure to mark special occasions 

Celebrating special occasions is a vital way of forging effective emotional connections with family that live overseas. In particular, remembering to send a physical card and gift is the best idea. This is because, while you may not be present, a gift will serve as a physical reminder that you care. 

Unfortunately, getting your gift to your loved ones can be a complicated and time-consuming process. In fact, you will need to buy your gift, wrap it, pay for postage, and then post it well in advance to make sure it arrives on time! 

Unless you choose a one-stop-shop service such as international flower delivery, instead. Indeed, there is a wide range of options that allow you to order gifts online, and that will ship them internationally for you. Something that can help to make the whole process of maintaining that emotional connection with loved ones that live far away, much easier and more convenient. 

Make use of video tech 

Many people would argue that while phone calls are good, not being able to see the other person really interferes with the level of interaction that is possible. Fortunately, there is another option to consider, and it’s making use of the various video call tech that is now on offer. 

Indeed, there is a vast range of live video call services to make use of from Skype, to Facetime, to Zoom, and more besides. Of course, they all have their advantages and disadvantages, although one product that is a real game-changer is the Facebook Portal. 

The reason being that it tracks movement across a room, rather than display a static screen. This is something that helps to make videos much more natural and also means you can get on with your normal life, just as if that person was really in the room with you. 

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