The Return of #MummyBudget

Around this time last year, I started my Mummy Budget page.  Having looked back at it, it is a little unloved with only a few links (albeit good ways to save a bit of extra money).

My aim this year is to keep it going and give you some of my best tips to either save a bit of cash, or even make a bit extra.

My question to you today is:  Do you have a cupboard full of old CD’s / DVD’s or video games?

We did – in fact we had a huge sideboard and a dresser full to bursting with CD’s we never listened to, many doubled up from when hubby and I combined our collections, DVD’s that never got watched and Games that were never played.

CD Rack - Google images

Did you know you can sell these for cash!

We never listen to CD’s anymore – the stereo that played them is long gone and everything was played via our iPod on a special dock, or on the car stereo that links via bluetooth.  Hubby did spend a few hours ensuring that all the music we wanted to keep was put on iTunes so we didn’t lose any, but once that was done it was all systems go.

I used MusicMagpie which was really simple to use.  If you have a webcam, simply scan the barcode and it gives you a price it will pay you for whatever you are selling.  If you haven’t got a webcam, you can type in the barcodes although if you have a lot to sell it does take a while!  They even have an app now too, so you can do it all on your phone!

I have to admit that many CD’s only sold for 30p each, however some of the more unusual ones sold for a lot more, as did DVD’s and games and it certainly bit hanging around a carboot sale in the cold and rain hoping someone wanted to buy one.

Once you are done, you simply box them all up and arrange free collection through Music Magpie.

Music Magpie check all the CD’s once they arrive with them and then pay you via bank transfer, cheque or e-vouchers!

As we had so many items to send, I did ours in two waves and made over £350 with all our unwanted items – an amount not to be sniffed at.  My cupboards are not bare however – they are now filled with toys and games!!

Music Magpie have expanded since I last used them and you can now sell, clothes, old computers and even GHD’s and mobile phones!

Go on – have a de-clutter and see how much you can make!

Written in conjunction with Music Magpie

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