The problem with a house full of tech!

Echo Dot

My husband adores technology, well if I am honest we all do in our house.

We have Philips Hue Lights that are controlled with our smart phones, a Smart TV, Amazon Alexa’s or Dots in most rooms and of course our PC’s etc.

This week, however, we encountered a problem. We have Virgin Media and they decided to upgrade our local servers, so we have had a couple of days outage for both TV and Wifi.

As a blogger I work online and they typically chose my one day off of the week, which is where I write and schedule all my posts. I tried tethering from my phone, but it really bumps up the data usage, particularly if you try and upload photo’s.

Philips Hue

I can live without TV, as long as I have a radio. However, we got rid of our ancient CD player a few years ago and rely on Alexa for our music. No wifi = no Alexa, or no digital TV. We don’t even have an aerial on the house as reception is so poor at where we live that we never bothered to replace it.

It has really made me think about how much we rely on technology in this day and age and what might happen if things go wrong. I have already dug my digital radio out of the back of a cupboard, just in case.

So, technology is great but when it isn’t available it is a real pain in the backside.

Do you rely on technology in your day to day life?

15 thoughts on “The problem with a house full of tech!

  1. saki komai says:

    Thank you for sharing your article.

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  3. ELTEC says:

    Awesome read! Thank you for all the work you have been putting in!

  4. Luna says:

    Its true. Thanks for sharing.

  5. We totally rely on technology too much! As if we cannot do anything without it!
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  6. With the increase in technology, many people are facing new problems along with health issues where back pain is the most common one. Thanks for sharing your views on the most common problem faced by the world.

  7. Laura says:

    We too rely on wifi for almost everything, no live TV, no physical radio in the house. So if the wifi goes down we all feel a little lost.

  8. Anne Fraser says:

    I could live without television but feel lost without the internet.
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  9. We love tech but don’t actually have very much of it. It’s all the setting up that I hate!

  10. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    I work from home too and rely heavily on internet connection. When we get storms, I get anxious and hope that we don’t lose connection especially when I have deadlines to meet. Technology is good, but not having it for a day is a bummer.

  11. Gemma says:

    I definitely rely on technology and it freaks me out how dependant I am on it! I do try and detox from time to time though xx
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  12. We totally rely on technology! I say that if I lost the internet I wouldn’t know what to do with myself! Changing my router last year caused so many knock on effect problems that I don’t plan to change it again for some time!

  13. Claire says:

    It is like the life source now isn’t it! We’d be in the same situation if we lost ours.

    I just do t have enough data to cover a few internet down days.

    The kids would feel like the end of the world was coming!

  14. Sarupa Shah says:

    It’s so true. I do dislike how much WiFi is like the power source of life. TV. Radio. Luckily I’ve said no to much else as like so many work. Calls over WIFI etc is all still WiFi based. YIKES!!!

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