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When you engage in discussions about luxury wood effect vinyl flooring as an option for your home, ten to one the brand that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue will be Amtico.

It is no surprise that Amtico is always the mecca of vinyl flooring, with the brand being at the pinnacle of development to pull vinyl flooring from its old, undependable image into the number one recommendation of interior designers in the present.

Compared to other market products, Amtico is the expansive product that perfectly mimics its real life wood, stone, slate and other products.

The What

Amtico is the most referenced LVT, also known as luxury vinyl flooring, due to a variety of winning factors.

It’s not simply just the design that people choose which perfectly replicates other flooring choices, it’s also about what they save with the flooring and because of it. Put simply, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring saves you money, hassle and more importantly time.

The Where

Quite simply you can have vinyl flooring anywhere you feel it could go.

If you want it in the bathroom or kitchen, you can do it safely thanks to its waterproof tendencies and its high moisture resistance, which is a huge benefit knowing that nothing is soaking through to your underfloor. If you want it for your bedroom it can perfectly accommodate underfloor heating for added comfort. If you want a classical look in your living room space then you’ll find the grandest designs and tones available on the market.


The Why

As mentioned earlier, lowest price Amtico flooring is the product that is all about time. The time it takes and the time it provides.

Vinyl flooring is a relatively easy install which can be fit in a day and be ready as soon as it is dry and stable (if using adhesive to glue tiles instead of clicking planks). The ease of time in installing is nothing compared to the ease in maintenance, with its anti-stain and scratch technologies ensuring that cleaning is as easy as a sweep and mop once a week.

Now that you have saved time in installation and cleaning, you gain a lifespan of upto 30 years if cared for properly, with a warranty that lasts as long with some vendors. That is confidence you cannot find in most products.

When it comes to discussions about flooring, talk about the cheapest Amtico flooring uk will always come around to the table as one of the most cost-effective measures you can place throughout your home.

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