The First Day of School

Asda School Uniform

The first day of school is a huge milestone for both a child and a parent and this year sees Eliza start school.

Having seen 4 other children start school you would think it would make me less emotional about it, but whilst I am happy in the knowledge that she is going to a fantastic school with wonderful teachers, it is still the end of one era and the beginning of another.

Eliza is more than ready to be starting school. She was actually in the Reception class room all last year as part of the nursery and used to moan that she wanted to stay all day like her big brother but now she is getting her chance. We have been practicing writing her name, sticking name stickers on her new lunch box and drinks bottle and labelling her new uniform ready for Thursday when she will walk into her classroom as a “big girl”.

When asking what her favourite thing about starting school is going to be she says “Learning to read Mummy, so I can read stories to Sebby like Isaac reads to me” which I thought was just adorable.


It is also scary to think that two of my children have left school now and Kian is in his final year of GCSE’s. I have a lot to thank our education system for as both Abbey and Callan came out of school with good qualifications and have good jobs that they enjoy.

Did you know that by year five there are 58 million children without access to basic education and an additional 130 million children that fail to learn the basic reading, math, writing and social skills.

Persil has teamed up with Unicef in a global initiative to help empower the next generation through education. As part of the learning for tomorrow campaign, they have created a series of films showing children living in other countries on their first day at school.  It shows us that what we go through when our children start school is the same as other mothers throughout the world, but that in the UK we are so lucky to have the access to education that we have.

As part of Persil’s partnership with Unicef, celebrating the giving of 10 million children worldwide access to quality education, Persil are running a Photo-A-Week challenge. Each week for 4 weeks, you could win exciting prizes! Each week Persil will announce a school theme on their Instagram page and ask you to upload your photo to Instagram. Just mention @PersilUK using that week’s competition hashtag.

Good Luck to all those parents who have children starting school this week. I am looking forward to seeing all the happy photo’s of children running into school, excited about their new adventure.


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