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MW SeaGarden

Before I first visited a Mark Warner resort back in September I was of the opinion that I would never be a parent that puts their children in a holiday club, but the fabulous childcare at Mark Warner changed my mind as I was travelling alone with Sebastian and it gave me the opportunity to try some of the activities that they have to offer which I would have been unable to do with him in tow.

When we booked our holiday to Mark Warner Sea Garden in Turkey we were given the choice of various childcare packages for the little ones.  We chose to put Sebby and Eliza in childcare in the mornings, leaving the afternoons free with us.  Isaac, being at Junior club level, automatically got invited to stay for both morning and afternoon sessions and disappointingly for Kian the Teen club wasn’t running during our visit so we booked him on to do an RYA Sailing course instead.

We got to meet our childcare team not long after we arrived at their Sea Garden resort.  The Toddler and Mini Club meetings were back to back and the Junior Club meeting just a few minutes after those.  At each meeting the childcare manager Kirsty ran through what each club would be doing, any safety information and what times they would be open before we got to meet the team.  The sessions ran daily from 9.30-12.30; 14.30 – 17.30; and the evening bedtime sessions from 19.30 – 23.00 and we had to fill out forms detailing any allergies, swimming ability, contact details and a password.

Mark Warner really do cater for children and offer a children’s meal option between 18.00 and 19.00 with food that would appeal even to the most fussy eater like Isaac, with fish fingers, chicken nuggets, spaghetti bolognese and even some more traditional options for the more adventurous child.  The idea of the bedtime childcare sessions is that you can take the children to eat their meals and then get to eat yours in peace knowing they are having fun, before settling down to sleep.

The bedtime session started the evening we arrived and although we were keen to keep the kids with us, they were desperate to go and find some friends their own age and watch a film.  We did make the mistake of eating our own meals far too fast and they were disappointed when we turned up to pick them up midway through a film.

Isaac and Eliza were so excited about going to their respective clubs.  Isaac’s Junior Club was split into three teams, which consisted of other children of the same age, he was in the Lasers, whereas Eliza’s group was very small with just 4 of them. Each club displayed a timetable of what they were doing that day and updated in the evening for the next days activities.


In Sebby’s toddler group with Phoebe, there were just two children in a huge room packed full of toys.  Of course Sebby headed straight for the trains.  Each child had to be sent in with sun cream, a hat and UV swimwear and of course Sebby had to have a swim nappy, nappy and baby wipes too.  You were also required to let the childcare team know where you would be in case of any problems.

I was really impressed by the childcare staff.  They were all bright and bubbly and great with the children.  Each child had a keyworker, Sebby had Phoebe, Eliza had Abby and Isaac had Emily, although the whole team seemed to know all the children’s names very quickly.

The activities for all of the children included trips to the beach, games in the pool and arts and crafts.  Eliza and Isaac also got to try out watersports and had an hour-long session daily on either the boats or windsurfers.


Both adored being on the sea and although hubby and I had some time to ourselves we took out a kayak to explore and watch them and even tried our hand at sailing too – the kids were definitely better than us by the end of the week!


Sebby was too young to be out at sea but he got to play in the children’s pool, in the park as well as helping decorating the toddler room with his artwork.


I asked Eliza and Isaac what their favourite things about the childcare was and here is their answers:

Eliza – “My favourite thing was going windsurfing with Abby and Dom. I was scared at first but they helped me get on and helped me stand up.  I liked going on the boat, we looked for lots of Nemo’s and my friend’s hat fell off but we got it out the sea.  I liked doing the puppet show and liked playing and dancing”

Isaac – “My favourite thing at club was doing my show.  We had a practice every day and got to perform on the stage like a star.  I also really liked playing in the swimming pool and my favourite game was water polo with my friends.  We went out on the sea every day and I tried windsurfing and sailing and we tried to find Sea Badgers.  Emily said that when you put your hands or feet in the water they tickle them,  I didn’t see one though.”

For me, knowing the children were happy, well-looked after and safe made our time apart from them more enjoyable and we proudly watched from afar as they confidently tried all these new activities and games.  The highlight of our week though was seeing them perform dance routines with their new friends.


At the end of the week there was a presentation where each child got an award and I am proud to say that Phoebe, Abby and Emily know exactly what my children are like!!

Sebastian – “The Thomas the Tank Engine Award” for always going straight to the Trains!

Eliza – “The Little Miss Chatterbox Award” for always chatting.

Isaac – “The Mad Hatter Award” for being a mad hatter.

They all came away with a certificate and badge and Eliza and Sebby also did their holiday handprints too which is a lovely memento of our first holiday abroad.


Thank you Kirsty, Abby, Phoebe, Emily and all the other childcare team for making our holiday full of fun and adventure and for giving us the chance to eat our dinner in peace!!


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24 thoughts on “The Childcare at Mark Warner Sea Garden

  1. Ickle Pickle says:

    This childcare does look brilliant and so much fun. I have never left mine – we always do everything together, but I would be tempted here! Kaz x
    Ickle Pickle recently posted…Starting School with Monkey WellbeingMy Profile

  2. This sounds amazing, I would be wondering if it was the right thing to do, but it really looks like they have so much fun and it means the parents get to relax too – win/win!!
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…My Sunday Photo 21st February 2016My Profile

  3. Kerry norris says:

    Like you, I honestly can’t imagine myself putting my child into clubs whilst away but when you read something like this then you know it is the right thing to do. They look like they had a fab time with plenty to do for all ages. The evening session sounds fab to allow you to eat your own dinner x
    Kerry norris recently posted…My Perfect HolidayMy Profile

  4. Oh wow that sounds great. I had no idea Mark Warner did this kind of thing, Ive always assumed it was very adult orientated. As a mum and somebody that works in the early years / childcare sector, this kind of thing is so important to me, so this sounds brilliant!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays… recently posted…Making Memories : Magical Mystery DayMy Profile

  5. I have to agree with you that MW childcare adds an extra dimension to the holidays. When you know the kids are well-looked after and having fun (sometimes a lot more fun than the grown ups) then it’s so much easier to relax, isn’t it?
    Monika @familymadventures recently posted…The Waterfall in CorsicaMy Profile

  6. I think we are going at October half term so will be a little cooler but I am so excited. Just hunted out your post and now very excited indeed.
    Mini Travellers recently posted…Abbotsbury Swannery, DorsetMy Profile

  7. Mari says:

    That sounds fantastic, all so carefully planed that the children can’t fail to have fun. It does do mum and dad some good to have some ‘our time’ in a busy family .
    Thanks so much for linking up to #TimeTraveller.
    Mari recently posted…Time Traveller| The Everglades & Buffalo Tiger| 2007My Profile

  8. Being able to leave the children from time to time and know they will be safe and entertained is such a luxury. It means that parents get to feel like they’re on holiday too. Good on Mark Warner for their efforts with this.
    Ryan Costello recently posted…Fathers Day: What Being A Dad Means To MeMy Profile

  9. Sarah Bailey says:

    It sounds like they had an absolutely amazing time and so cool you feel they are being so well looked after. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…NatraSan First Aid Spray: CompetitionMy Profile

  10. PinkOddy says:

    That is amazing childcare. How amazing that the children get to learn new skills whilst being cared for so well. Is it in the price of the holiday or is it extra?
    PinkOddy recently posted…Disneyland with Sensory Processing DisorderMy Profile

  11. Globalmouse says:

    My kids went to holiday clubs for the first time last year and I really didn’t think they would be very keen but they absolutely loved them and kept asking to go again so I’m all for them!
    Globalmouse recently posted…Exploring Scotland’s Secret Bunker, St Andrews, FifeMy Profile

  12. The sea garden looks so lovely, such a great place to visit.
    Nayna Kanabar recently posted…Giveaway Tickets to Foodies Festival Alexandra PalaceMy Profile

  13. lisa prince says:

    oh i would love this , we are the type of family who would try anything once

  14. Erica Price says:

    I love the idea of a few hours free to do something different, but in reality I’d struggle to get my son to go however good they are. He seems to be very anti holiday clubs.
    Erica Price recently posted…A Perfect Tea PartyMy Profile

  15. Jemma says:

    I don’t think I could use childcare on holiday but don’t blame those that do. A holiday for me is being with my family but you all look like your having a fab time. #MagicMoments

  16. Rachel says:

    I am sure it was lovely to have a few precious moments to yourself x
    Rachel recently posted…Detox Diva by MaskeraideMy Profile

  17. Sonia says:

    A holiday with childcare is a holiday only to dream of!! Sounds dreamy <3
    Sonia recently posted…A Visit to Conkers…My Profile

  18. Jen Walshaw says:

    I had never considered childcare on holiday as we tend to go to spend time with each other, but even I might be swayed!
    Jen Walshaw recently posted…Top comics for ten year old boysMy Profile

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