The Benefits of an International School for Children

When living abroad you may find it a bit more of a hassle to find the best school your child will fit in due to cultural barriers, language issues and so on. But the best way for your child to integrate into a new country is by taking them to an international school. These are catered to children of expat families and families that would like their children to learn about different cultures, languages and subjects.

If you’re looking for British Schools in China, here are some top benefits to consider when you’re looking at international schools in the region.

Language & cultural barriers broken down

One of the big worries parents can have is the huge shift your child will face when visiting a different country. International schools have a massive focus on ensuring your child is safe and can understand more of the country’s culture and language at the same time. Most international schools train children in the country’s language (e.g. Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic) whilst teaching English as well.

Children can see how different cultures are important to their new society as well. They’ll begin to get involved in a lot more country-specific celebrations and customs, breaking down barriers between them and other children. In turn they are gaining a lot of experience in understanding different cultures and ideals.

International qualifications

A big plus is the fact that most international schools provide qualifications that can be used and shown across the globe. This helps your child for when they’re looking towards higher education and jobs either in the country they’re in or a different country altogether.

Qualifications that are internationally recognised are usually Cambridge-approved qualifications, language-speaking qualifications and accreditations to support children throughout their education.

Huge growth opportunities

Children are going to be exposed to a completely different way of working, speaking with others and getting to grips with their new school. International schools take pride in showing that they do open children’s eyes and improve their personal worldviews. 

They’re more likely to understand critical subjects, be willing to learn about difficult aspects and have increased confidence through learning about different communities. Children are immersed into something unfamiliar, but they are sponges, and can grow with a wide range of skills and abilities they can use in later life and in higher education. 

With so many different backgrounds to discover, there’s a huge focus on having an equal playing field when they study at an international school.

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