Thank a teacher this Christmas!

Most of us has had at least one teacher that we really remember.

One that has found a hidden talent, encouraged us on when all we wanted to do was give up or given us the inspiration to try something new.

School hasn’t always been easy for Isaac and I lost count of the number of times I was called into the head teachers office or the classroom because of his poor behaviour.

In Year 6 something changed.

As with most schools, Isaac got a new teacher – one that described their first meeting as “a pair of eyes staring at me from inside a bin!”

Although this teacher had been at the school for a few years before Isaac reached her class, I hadn’t had any dealings with her and always thought of her as a very quiet, unassuming lady.

What she was actually doing was getting to know her pupils, understanding what inspired them, what made than react badly and how she could help them achieve their very best.

In Year 6, I was not once called into the head teachers office or the classroom because of poor behaviour. Isaac was celebrated time and time again, not only for his behaviour, but for his work as well.


For those of you with children in year 6, or SATs year, you will know the pressure it can put children and their teachers, but instead of struggling, Isaac thrived. His teacher instilled a sense of determination to do well inside of him and he worked hard to achieve his goal of “greater depth”, coming out with top SATs results.

Such was the change in him, that at his Leavers Assembly he was awarded with a trophy for his “outstanding achievement”.


Now in secondary school, his work ethic continues to this day. He comes home and does his homework without a grumble and his teachers couldn’t speak more highly of him and I firmly believe it is all down to this one teacher and her unwavering belief that ALL children can achieve!

How do we thank a teacher?

Teachers don’t want expensive thank you gifts, seeing the children in their class thrive and do well is thanks enough, but why not send a Christmas Thank You card from and best of all, it is FREE to do!

Thank you teacher

It is really easy to do, simply fill out the online form which required some basic details about you. You can send the card anonymously if you prefer.

THANK A TEACHERYou then need to provide some information about who you want to thank. It could be a whole school, the head teacher or an individual teacher or teaching assistant.

Who to thank

Some information about the school itself, such as its name and address and of course, the most important part – a special message for the teacher(s) you wish to thank.

Thank a Teacher Form

I think any teacher would be over the moon to receive a card like this from one of their pupils this Christmas.

Thank a Teacher is part of a national campaign which aims to raise the profile of teachers across the country and the vital work they do. Some teachers who have received thank you cards in the past have gone on to win an award at the prestigious National Teaching Awards televised by the BBC as ‘Britain’s Classroom Heroes’.

Why not give your teacher the chance to be part of this?

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19 thoughts on “Thank a teacher this Christmas!

  1. What a lovely idea, I will definitely check this out for my kids teachers! I always get them something little for Christmas and when they move classes/teachers as all of the teachers my kids have had have been amazing. I am so grateful for all the hard work they put in to help our children its always nice to say thank you isn’t it! x

  2. Cecilia says:

    Ahh, this is so great! I remember I had a teacher when I was in year 6 and she helped me so much with my confidence and school work, I remember she was my favourite teacher. I felt like every other teacher didn`t appreciate me and encouraged me the way she did and I felt like I had someone on my side especially since I was bullied quite a lot. This made me want to reach out to her and let her know how much I appreciate her effort with me as a child! (Hopefully, I can find her) Thank you for this idea, some teachers truly deserve recognition for their hard work! 🙂

  3. Oh such a lovely gesture. Teachers are like our second parents. We owe it to thank them for helping us shape our future. Great job.

  4. Aw thats such a lovely idea. A thank you goes a really long way xxx

  5. Jenni says:

    We have had some incredible teachers. The most memorable was the teacher my eldest had when we moved from Berlin to Edinburgh. Due to the different school systems he had to skip a year, and it is such a credit to her that he managed to bridge that gap and gained so much self confidence in the process.

  6. This is a lovely way to thank the teacher. Love the idea.

  7. She sounds like a wonderful teacher. It is so important to show them how grateful we are for them when they go the extra mile for our child.

  8. Becky says:

    I’m so pleased that Isaac found a teacher who really understood him. Let’s hope this continues in secondary school

  9. Jenni says:

    Oh this is such a wonderful idea. I really think having a good teacher can really make or break school. We are so lucky with our daughters current year one teacher.

  10. It sounds like he had a truly wonderful teacher in year 6. It is so important to show teachers how thankful we are and how grateful we are for them.

  11. Rhian westbury says:

    This is such a nice thing to do, to recognise those who have helped and it seems like she had a huge impact on Isaac x

  12. You definitely get better teachers than other, thankfully both of my children’s teachers this year have so far been really good. This sounds like a great campaign, I will definitely have to go and check it out.

  13. Sabina Green says:

    This is so lovely. It is often the case that they do just need a teacher who understands them and can bring out their potential and give them the praise that they need.

  14. It’s been so hit and miss with teachers, for my son particularly … at the minute I’m cautiously optimistic that they’ve got control of the bully causing my boy huge confidence issues. I’ll vouch for a teacher if they can keep it up!

  15. What a lovely way to thank a teacher. The national campaign to raise awareness of the important work teachers do sounds amazing. It’s brilliant that Thank a Teacher supports the campaign.

  16. Claire says:

    What a lovely idea. I think we all struggle to know how to celebrate the amazing teachers that support our children.
    Especially as they get to high school and have 6 teachers a day!

    They all deserve recognition and this is perfect x


    It’s great to hear that your son has had a teacher that has had such a positive influence. They seem to be few and far between. We tend to group together in the class and give vouchers as they are always well received.

  18. Talya Stone says:

    Teachers really can be so amazing as this lovely story shows. My daughter has had some really lovely teachers the last few years – I’m off to have a look at the site now.

  19. What a lovely positive story to read, am so glad that he is doing well in his secondary school, what a great teacher he had in year 6

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