Teksta Newborn Kitty Review

Isaac had been desperate for a Teksta pet since they were first launched and his wish came true when Santa brought him the Teksta Dinosaur for Christmas, but Eliza was a little miffed when she realised she didn’t get one too, but being 3 (almost4) we felt she was too young.

Now, there is the perfect starter robot in the Teksta armoury – the Newborn Kitty and Newborn Puppy.  This new generation of micro robotic pets are smaller, just as interactive and animated than ever before.

We were sent the Newborn Teksta Kitty to review and Eliza adores her.  She is a sweet and adorable life-like robotic Kitten that responds to her voice and touch using cutting edge hand gesture technology.

Kitty has an RRP of £19.99 and requires 3 x AAA batteries before you can get started.  Once the batteries are in the fun begins and Kitty wiggles her tail, waggles her ears and makes a mewing sound.  The pet responds to voice and touch and her eyes light up when awake.  If you pat her head she will make a happy sound too.

We are still training our kitty but you can command Newborn Teksta Kitty to sit, walk, beg and sing and she also interacts with Isaac’s Teksta Dinosaur – we are not sure it approves of having  a companion just yet as it stamps its feet, tried to chase away and roars in disgust.

Teksta Newborn

Walking Mode – move Kitty’s front leg all the way to the front.  Kitty will then respond to your voice and you can speak to her or clap your hands to make her reply.

Standing Mode – Move Kitty’s front leg all the way back and place it on the floor or table sitting down.  Kitty will respond to your voice so speak to her or clap your hands to make her reply.  She will either meow or stand up.

Singing Mode – Move Kitty’s leg all the way to the front.  PRESS and HOLD the head top key down until you hear a “do” sound. Now Kitty is standing by for your order, so clap your hands or speak to her and she will sing a song to you.

The Teksta newborn range is aimed at ages 36 months (3 years) and over and priced at just £19.99 it is a brilliant starting point with robotics for toddlers.  So far Kitty has survived a drop down the stairs and has taken a battering by Sebastian when Eliza left her within reach so I am happy she is sturdy enough for little hands.  My one complaint is that her front legs come off too easily and we have mislaid one a couple of times, but in the other hand it is easy to fix too!

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