Bristol University

Meningitis Awareness #24youhavethepower

Post sponsored by Pfizer When you become a parent, one of the first things you are struck by is how to keep your little bundle of joy, safe and well. I have always said you need a flashing pink light on top of your car to indicate you have a newborn baby in the car for their first journey home – perhaps the most nerve-wracking car ride of your whole life! Once you are home and settled into a routine, you then have the dreaded immunisations to look forward to. It is an uncomfortable thing to watch, however, ensuring your …

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osper card

Managing the kids finances with Osper

When the older children each turned 11, which was the youngest age our bank would give them a debit card, we opened a bank account for them to start paying an allowance in to with the aim of teaching them how to budget their finances. For us it has worked well and lessons have been learned along the way about saving for things they really want. Probably our best saver was Kian who religiously squirreled money away to save for a laptop after we agreed to match whatever he saved, but we have recently hit a problem. With the massive …

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