Work from home

How To Make Running a Home Business Easy and Profitable

Running a business from home is one of the most stressful challenges a young mother can face because apart from taking care of your family, the company needs you. Also, customers don’t necessarily understand that you have a family to take care of- they will always demand excellent services.  When running a business from home, you’ll have fewer expenses, and stress might not be as high as renting a business space. Still, it would help if you had goals to achieve and enough profit to sustain the business and family.  To make it easier to run your business, here are …

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Help Yourself to Have a Better Work and Family Life Balance

Having a work and life balance that works well for your family can be tough. There are different demands on time, and depending on the setup of your family, can have times that are much busier and tougher than others. As life has been somewhat more quiet over the past year or so, things will slowly start to get busy again, with after school clubs starting again, busier weekend plans with another household, and sports matches and sports training all starting up again. So how can you make sure that you still have a good work and life balance, when …

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Working from home

How a flexible job can help you lead a more balanced life

In today’s society, the work-life balance is becoming much more important than in previous decades, with a recent survey showing more than half of employees prefer flexible working hours to increased pay, enabling many companies to offer flexible working hours to their employees. This is especially beneficial for working parents who wish to remain employed, but also spend sufficient time at home with their children as well as allowing them to enjoy a social life. It is also essential for the state of workers’ mental health, as flexible working avoids excess stress due to being overworked or feeling guilty for …

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