Win The Queen’s Corgi on DVD

Queen's Corgi

To celebrate the release of the royally hilarious The Queen’s Corgi on DVD and Blu-Ray ™ we’re giving 5 lucky readers a chance to win a copy of the film on Blu-Ray! The Queen’s Corgi follows the adventures of the Queen’s Top Dog Rex – a spoilt little corgi who lives a life of luxury in Buckingham Palace. When Rex winds up in a London Dog’s Home, surrounded by tough strays, he must learn that to become a true Top… Continue Reading “Win The Queen’s Corgi on DVD”

#Win a stunning Rosa Faia Swimsuit


Aloha – the spirit of Hawaii provides the inspiration for the new Rosa Faia beachwear collection. The wide variety of styles offers vibrant colours, classic fashion pieces and fanciful print ranges. Floral prints vary from light to pastel tones, colourful to glamorous, and feature graphic prints incorporating checks, dots and zigzags. Different prints are combined and layered to create refreshing new looks across the entire collection including this gorgeous Gingham bikini. Mix and Match pieces have also been expanded for… Continue Reading “#Win a stunning Rosa Faia Swimsuit”

Celebrating World Incontinence Week with Pelviva

Pelviva Women

This week (17th – 23rd June 2019) is World Incontinence Week. Did you know that 1 in 3 women experience bladder leaks when they cough, sneeze, exercise or urgently need the toilet? Go into any trampoline park in the UK and you are guaranteed to hear talk of pelvic floors among the mothers standing at the sidelines, watching their kids leap, spring and bounce….The P Word! Bladder leakage has a massive impact on women’s daily lives, significantly affecting quality of… Continue Reading “Celebrating World Incontinence Week with Pelviva”

#Win a 3 month supply of Efamol Active Memory


Ever walked into a room to get something and completely forgotten what you went in for – I know I have!! New research by Efamol, who manufacture a range of food supplements including Efamol Brain Active Memory, reveals that Brits are forgetting everyday things on a regular basis. The research revealed that two-thirds (66%) of us walk into a room and forget why we’re there between 1-3 times per week and nearly half (46%) said they go to the fridge… Continue Reading “#Win a 3 month supply of Efamol Active Memory”

Disney Guess the Film giveaway

Disney Guess the Film

Are your family Disney movie experts? Well, it is time to put your Disney knowledge to the test with this fun and exciting guess the film game from Jumbo Games. To play, take turns rolling the dice and open the window with the corresponding colour to the die. Each coloured window reveals part of an image from an iconic Disney film, and it’s down to you to guess which film the image is from. If you guess correctly, you win… Continue Reading “Disney Guess the Film giveaway”