AD: tonies® – putting listening and playing together

TonieBox Christmas

Eliza and Isaac love to read and will devour books within a week or two. Sebby loves books and will sit for ours with you when you read to him and gets really engaged in the story, however, he is struggling with the reading side and often gets frustrated when the word doesn’t come to him. This week we have been introduced to tonies® and their Toniebox, a screen-free storytime device. A first glance, the Toniebox looks like a small… Continue Reading “AD: tonies® – putting listening and playing together”

Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Whirling Waves – Giveaway

Beaker Creatures

I love toys with added learning opportunities and Beaker Creatures™ combine the amazement of learning through science with the anticipation of surprise collectibles. With 65 creatures to collect, from nine different planets, children will love building an out-of-this-world collection! Will you be lucky and uncover one of the rare 24-carat creatures or a limited-edition, colour-changing Frostonian? Kids can create amazing bubbling reactions with Beaker Creatures and once you have your prize, the set doubles as a working lab station that’s… Continue Reading “Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Whirling Waves – Giveaway”

#Win three fabulous games from Interplay

Christmas in our house is the one time of the year when all the kids get together and things get really competitive. I have now banned Monopoly because a) it goes on far too long and b) I am sure there is much cheating going on!! At the recent Blog On Conference, I was introduced to some fabulous new games from Interplay and they have kindly offered me three to giveaway to one lucky reader: 5 Second Rule It should… Continue Reading “#Win three fabulous games from Interplay”

Make your own traditions with Swizzels

Much as I moan about all the extra work I have to do around Christmas, it is a time of year that I love. The tree, the decorations, the lights, the songs, the films – there are so many different traditions that we take part in, some of which have been handed down from older generations and others which we have introduced ourselves. We don’t start the Christmas preparations until 1st December when our advent calendars come out and our… Continue Reading “Make your own traditions with Swizzels”

#Win a pair of Treads School Shoes for Christmas

Treads Girls Shoes

It’s coming up to the most expensive time of year and research has shown that many families will have to replace school shoes over the Christmas period, for a number of reasons. My children tend to grow at a slow and consistent level, whereby some of my friends children seem to jump up a couple of shoe sizes in just a matter of weeks. What fits them one week doesn’t the next and it can be a very frustrating and… Continue Reading “#Win a pair of Treads School Shoes for Christmas”