Start Your Own Hot Wheels System With The Total Turbo Takeover

Hot Wheels

The Hot Wheels® Track Builder™ System offers the ultimate track experience for children by allowing them to design, create andcustomize their very own track challenges. Using a variety of stunts, layouts and essential pieces that work together or connect to existing sets, boys and girls can be the master of their own track. The Total Turbo Takeover™ allows for the ultimate construction and customization – the kids can configure their set in a head-to-head racing showdown! It includes car-activated and action-oriented stunts. If you can dream… Continue Reading “Start Your Own Hot Wheels System With The Total Turbo Takeover”

Bournemouth Wheels Festival 2014


This Bank Holiday weekend has seen the first ever Bournemouth Wheels Festival and we headed down to the beach to sample the action a couple of times over the weekend. I adore Bournemouth Air Festival which is an event we look forward to every year and I was hoping that this would be just as good, but whilst there were similarities they are two very different events. The beach between Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers was marked off into zones, with… Continue Reading “Bournemouth Wheels Festival 2014”

The Alphabet Project – B is for Bike


I couldn’t decide what I wanted to take a picture of for my “B” photo. I toyed with brothers and boys, but after a couple of days at Bournemouth Wheels Festival I decided it just has to be Bike! The Wheels Festival is a new even that will be held each year on the second Bank Holiday in May, following on from the success of Bournemouth Air Festival.  We saw cars old and new, but the main attraction were the… Continue Reading “The Alphabet Project – B is for Bike”

Hot Wheels Double Jump Duel

Do you have what it takes to make a huge double jump and keep racing, or will you drop into the steel trap and be left in the dust? Find out with the Double Jump Duel, the ultimate in speed, competition and head-to-head action. This high stakes track set features a fair start that ensures no one jumps the gun. If they do, they will be knocked off the track. It didn’t take Kian long to build the set and… Continue Reading “Hot Wheels Double Jump Duel”