Weymouth SEA LIFE welcomes only colony of fairy penguins in Europe

Fairy Penguin Face

As Merlin Annual Pass holders we are regular visitors to Weymouth SEA LIFE Centre and were curious about a secretive new building that was being built at the back of the park. It turns out that the new building was in fact a brand new state-of-the-art enclosure for a colony of fairy penguins and we were some of the first people to meet them this morning. There are twenty fairy penguins in total, who have relocated from Manly SEA LIFE… Continue Reading “Weymouth SEA LIFE welcomes only colony of fairy penguins in Europe”

New Caribbean Cove at Weymouth Sealife

Caribbean Cove

In December we visited Weymouth Sea Life Centre to see Father Christmas and whilst we were there we noticed that all the rides had been removed and were intrigued by what might be replacing them. Fast forward three months and the site has been transformed into a tropical playground that kids will adore. We were invited to be some of the first people to visit the new Caribbean Cove, which opens to the public on 1st April. It is set to… Continue Reading “New Caribbean Cove at Weymouth Sealife”