Kian Birthday

Project 365 2020 Week 34 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 23

Wow, 23 weeks since initial lockdown. In some ways it has sped past and in other ways it feels like it is dragging. There is no real news this week, other to say that we are glad we cancelled our visit to France at the end of next week as they have now imposed a 14 day quarantine when you get back. We have kept our booked time of work though as we have worked all the way through lockdown and really need a break. Here is our week: Sunday 16th August Still none of the thunderstorms they promised, although …

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Go Ape

Project 365 2020 Week 33 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 22

It is now compulsory to wear face masks in enclosed public spaces such as museums and cinema’s in Britain. It has been reported that cases of Coronavirus in Dorset have risen in the last week and a couple of local restaurants have had to shut because of a reported case. We have been stupidly busy here in Dorset because of the glorious weather, with overcrowding on the beaches and gridlock on the roads as people flock to the beach. I love living where we do, but there are times it gets frustrating as a five-minute journey turns into half an …

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Project 366 2016 – Weeks 33 & 34

What an amazing two weeks we have had! It was so busy that I didn’t have a single chance to pick up my laptop and it was really lovely to have a break. I did however, take oodles of pictures and deciding which ones to share is a real challenge. Week 33 began with a visit to the New Forest Fairy Festival in Burley. Eliza and Sebastian had a great time spotting fairies, learning circus skills, visiting stands and watching the performers. Sebastian was drawn to a huge drum and enjoyed beating it along to the music. We headed back into …

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#Vloject52 2016 – Week 33

Hello and welcome to #Vloject52 I love taking videos of the kids and #Vloject52 grew from there. Video is a great way of remembering their funny words, silly dances and achievements and #Vloject52 is a weekly linky where you have to capture at least one short video and link up. The videos should be under a minute long and can be on platforms such as instagram, vimeo, vine, flipagram, G+ and YouTube and all I ask that anyone linking up also takes some time to view and comment on other videos that have been linked up. Last week I linked …

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Project 365 2015 – Week 33

The summer holidays are going far too fast. I feel like we are not going to have time to squeeze in everything we want to do and the rubbish weather this week hasn’t helped either. Sunday saw us leave Essex after the wonderful wedding of some very dear friends. It was back to earth with a bump on the Monday and the weather was atrocious so we stayed indoors and the kids built a train track that ran all around the ground floor of the house. The weather improved slightly on the Tuesday and whilst Eliza and Isaac went to …

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