Project 365 2021: Week Three


My husband is enjoying his new job, but his hours have changed already. Because of the COVID situation the store has split itself into two bubbles, which means he is day in, then day off, day in, day off etc. It does mean a shorter working week day side, but he still does the same hours, so is working longer days. Other than that, there is no real change to our situation at the moment. Here is our week: Sunday… Continue Reading “Project 365 2021: Week Three”

Project 365 2015 – Week 3


It has been a very quiet house in the Chelseamamma residence this week and I must apologise for my lack of comments on the Project 365 linky last week. The reason for our quietness is that Sebastian and I have both been poorly.  I started out with a nasty cough that I am still trying to shake and Sebastian has had a nasty temperature since Wednesday which reached its peak in the early hours of Saturday morning.  I finally got… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 – Week 3”

Vloject 52 – Week 3

Vloject 52

Welcome to Vloject 365 week 3. Thank you to everyone who has been taking part, I really do love watching your videos. We had some snowman dancing from Single Mother Ahoy – I am hoping that it actually brings some snow!  The Boy and Me took us to play on the beach and introduced me to a cool new app called PicPlayPost which enables you to do a collage style video.  Ickle Pickle also had fun on the beach, This Day I Love took us… Continue Reading “Vloject 52 – Week 3”