Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Eight


This week has been a bit of a nightmare. The lurgy has hit our house! We have done a PCR test – negative, but still have two out of three kids isolating thanks to positive cases in their respective bubbles. The 19th July is “freedom day” but I have to admit that in some ways I am feeling uncomfortable, much as I am hoping to get back to normal. Cases continue to rise and some news channels are now saying… Continue Reading “Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Eight”

Project 365 2020 Week 28 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 17

Beach Huts

I am not sure whether to title my posts lockdown anymore, as it really does feel like everything is almost back to normal. At work they took away all the floor arrows, the one way system and the queuing system. We are still manning the door and counting people in and out but we have upped the number of people allowed in the shop. Elsewhere, restaurants and pubs are now open along with beauty salons and hairdressers. It was announced… Continue Reading “Project 365 2020 Week 28 – COVID 19 Lockdown Week 17”

Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty Eight

Iron age roundhouse

This week started well at home, with a barbecue to celebrate our new patio. We finished off making S’Mores – the perfect after dinner treat. This was the kids penultimate week at school before the summer holidays and it is starting to tell as they are getting ratty and tired. Kian also started his job this week and has volunteered to work everyday! We have spent most of the week at home, taking care of bits and bobs around the… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty Eight”

Project 365 2015 – Week 28

Urban Reef

We started this week with our final birthday of the “birthday month” – hubby’s birthday.  Sadly he was working but I organised a surprise barbecue for the evening and Eliza was on hand to help him blow out his candles. Other than that it has been a week of two halves.  Eliza came down with a sickness bug that has been going around the school.  I thought we had got away with it as all the children I look after… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 – Week 28”