Why you should start a blog


Starting a blog was one of the best decisions of my life. I fell across the wonderful world of blogging whilst on maternity leave with Eliza, often chatting to bloggers and entering their giveaways in the early hours of the morning, whilst feeding. Fast forward 8 years and I have two blogs, this one and my dedicated family travel blog Are We Nearly There Yet? which has not only help allow me to stay at home with my young family, but… Continue Reading “Why you should start a blog”

New kids fashion from Europe with Mayoral


As a parent I often feel the kids are better dressed than I am. In fact I will go out with every intention of buying myself something new and end up coming home with something for each of the kids instead. I don’t really mind as I love the kids to look well dressed, especially if we are out and about enjoying days out, however, I do not like to spend a fortune on kids clothes as they often get… Continue Reading “New kids fashion from Europe with Mayoral”

Who can fix my car?

Just before Christmas I was told my nearside rear brake light was out.  I sighed and trundled along to Halfords to buy a new bulb for the brake light and also the side lights which were playing up as well.  The assistant helped me change my bulbs but they still wouldn’t work so we changed the fuse to see if that was the problem. It blew straight away and it was then we realised I had a big problem.  My… Continue Reading “Who can fix my car?”